Size & Fit


For over 90 years Le Chameau has been making boots of such exceptional fit and comfort that they have been called ''the Rolls Royce of the wellington world''.

Our boots are designed and made to fit you in your standard shoe size, with room for your trousers/jeans and a thick pair of socks already factored into the manufacturing process by our Master Bootmaker.

When selecting which size to order, a good general rule with Le Chameau boots is to go for the same size as your normal everyday shoe size.

Measure your foot

Not sure which size to order? We understand that getting the right size is difficult, we have produced a fantastic new guide to help you choose the correct size, please download our guide to accurately measure your foot here.

Calf Measurement

Much of the Le Chameau boots range is manufactured to a standard calf fit which is relative to the foot size being ordered. Refer to the product page and size guide table for your preferred boot for more information.

Our iconic Vierzon and Vierzonord boots have an adjustable gusset with tightening strap and snap-fastening button, giving you more flexibility and a perfect calf fit for you every time you wear them.

If you are ordering a Chasseur or Saint Hubert boot, which are available in a choice of calf size options for some foot sizes, follow these instructions to get an accurate calf measurement:

    • Sit on a chair with your foot and leg bare, your foot relaxed and flat on the floor and your knee bent at a 90 degree angle.
    • Find the widest point of your calf using a tape measure and measure round that point keeping your foot flat on the floor.
    • Add 2cm to this measurement to account for your trousers/jeans, a thick pair of socks and some breathing space. That will give you the calf size you need.