Fishing Boots

Our Le Chameau wellington boots for fishing take to the lakes and rivers like a duck to water. With durable outer materials and stable soles, these boots are resilient to the elements and comfortable on your feet.

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What are fishing boots?
These extremely durable boots are quick-drying, anti-skid and reinforced for maximum support, protection and comfort.
Are Le Chameau fishing boots waterproof?
Le Chameau's fishing boots have been developed to resist harsh saltwater so that your shoes can remain in good condition even with everyday use.
What are the best fishing boots?
The Marine Evo Ponti lined boot features a durable anti-skid sole, a protected, salt water resistant upper and reinforced side, rear and front panel for maximum protection, stability and support of leg, foot and ankle. We also have the unisex Deltanord thigh wellington boots that are made from premium rubber that is waterproof and flexible. They also have iron filling inside for good traction on slippery river bottoms.