Women's Blue Wellington Boots

When it comes to our ladies’ blue wellington boots, we bring the colours of the sky and sea to your feet, from beautiful nautical marine and rich navy to our soft Bleu Clair and Foncé. Handmade by a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker, with supple, handcrafted Chamolux rubber, these robust, eye-catching boots are perfect for all manner of country pursuits. Browse our stunning collection below.

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Women's L'Alliance Neoprene Lined Boot - Sporting Calf

Le Chameau x Fairfax & Favor

Made with Natural Rubber
Women's L'Alliance Neoprene Lined Boot - Standard Calf

Le Chameau x Fairfax & Favor

Made with Natural Rubber
Women's L'Alliance Neoprene Lined Boot - Narrow Calf

Le Chameau x Fairfax & Favor

Made with Natural Rubber
Blue Wellington Boots Styles
With beautiful, supple Chamolux rubber, our ladies’ blue wellies are always an eye-catching addition to your footwear collection. From our robust Giverny and L’Alliance country boots, and our striking Iris blue wellies just perfect for garden parties and festivals, to high-class sailor and fishing boots like our Marine and Marinord Evo, we have all your needs covered here at Le Chameau all in one of the world’s most favourite colours.
Blue Wellington Boot Collections
Our ladies’ blue wellies include an excellent variety of shades and styles, as well as sizes and fits to give you and your feet the expert support and comfort they need outdoors. Our women’s blue Giverny collection is an excellent country boot, with a Grip/Cross sole perfect for all terrain. As is our beautiful L’Alliance premium tassel Boot, made in partnership with Fairfax and Favour, which is particularly robust with aramid fibre reinforcement for extra protection on a rough terrain. Alternatively, our Iris boot collection adds a bit of glamour for garden parties and festivals.
Handcrafted Materials
Made with handcrafted, Chamolux rubber by a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker, our women’s blue wellies bring quality to the countryside. With our exclusive Le Chameau recipe, our high-grade, 100% waterproof rubber is made to be expertly flexible, moulding to your feet, while also being incredibly hardwearing. Our country boots feature rubber, dual-density, shock-absorbent outsoles for expert balance and comfort, while our marine boots have durable, anti-skid, non-marking soles just perfect for the deck. Both of these boot types have shank-reinforcement for anti-fatigue. And, for extra cushioning comfort, our boots come with highly comfortable, durable linings. For our country boots, this includes breathable, moisture-wicking poly-cotton jersey lining that keeps your feet dry as well as insulating, warm neoprene. Meanwhile, our marine boot options include durable, quick-drying ponti and neoprene.
Designed for Professionals
With over 90 years of experience, we make top-quality boots that always last. Due to the expert craft and design of our 100% waterproof Le Chameau boots by our Master Bootmaker, you always get boots that always support whatever the job. Our Giverny boots are perfect for country walks and farmland, with excellent, shock-absorbent multi-terrain grip and traction, while our blue Marine and Marinord Evo provide expert balance and protection when fishing, sailing and having riverside adventures. And, for that summer festival, our Iris collection offers practicality and glamour with vivid blues. Browse our excellent collection of women’s Le Chameau blue wellies and find boots that always excel.