Sailing Boots

With our men and women’s sailing boots, practicality is always assured on your coastal and maritime adventures. All our Le Chameau sailing boots are extremely robust, waterproof and comfortable, with complete protection for your feet, as well as steady balance with anti-skid outsoles. Built to withstand the harshest of elements, these Le Chameau boots have won the hearts of sailors and coastal adventurers alike.

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Features of Sailing Boots
Our men and women’s sailing boots are incredibly protective and 100% waterproof, safeguarding your feet and legs from harsh elements at sea. With non-marking, marine soles with fine suction-cup grip under foot and grooves to cope with excess water, boots like our Marine and Marinord are built for steady on-your-feet comfort and stability on deck. They have a great fit, made to size and come in Ponti and Neoprene lining options.
Sailing Boots Materials
When it comes to our sailing boots, we use the very best of materials. Our Chamolux rubber is fantastically resilient and 100% waterproof, flexible and moulding to feet and protecting them from the elements. Alternatively, our salt-water resistant, full-grain leather used in boots like our Pontus boot comes with 100% waterproofing and 4-layer membrane lining. When it comes to our lining, we always have the finest options, from our fast-drying ponti and our neoprene lining. Our neoprene lining is incredibly insulating and warm, great for cold, breezy days on the water, while our jersey is highly breathable and feels soft on skin, moisture-wicking away the wet and keeping your feet dry on hot days. We offer a number of outsole options for every water-based activity. Our marine soles and Michelin KA521 are perfect for the deck and coast, hardwearing, non-slip, with expert water-dispersal. Meanwhile, our abrasion-resistant River Limaille soles are great for rocky, downstream adventures with integrated iron filing and strong grip. Find out more about our revolutionary Le Chameau soles with our sole guide.
Sailing Boots for Men
We have an excellent selection of men’s sailing boots perfect for watery escapades and pursuits. Our men’s Marinords are made from strong, Chamolux rubber, which is 100% waterproof, and have marine soles with expert grip for slippery decks and surfaces and feature warm, fast-drying neoprene for ultimate comfort. Meanwhile, our Pontus Homme is resilient, with full-grain, salt water resistant leather and waterproofing that always ensures they excel in the harsh, maritime climate and expert grip Michelin KA521 soles. Alternatively, our men’s Ocean Waders are great for shallow waters by the coast, with dual-density Ostrea soles for superior grip on the rocky bottom and soft jersey lining comfort.
Sailing Boots for Women
We have an amazing range of ladies’ sailing boots available for every marine and coastal need. Great for sailing adventures, our women’s Marinord Evo is fantastically robust and comfortable, keeping you dry and comfortable with 100% waterproofing and warm, insulating neoprene for days out at sea. The Pontus Femme has a timeless, full-grain salt-water resistant leather and waterproofing that always excels, great for the deck with expert suction grip. Alternatively, our Ocean Cuissardes are an excellent option for shallow waters with aramid fibre reinforcement as well as dual-density Ostrea soles for strong grip on rocky bottoms.
Le Chameau Sailing Boots
Enjoy all your coastal and maritime adventures with Le Chameau. From our handcrafted, 100% waterproof Chamolux rubber to the full-grain, robust leather of our Pontus sailing boot, we provide protection for you whether on the deck or travelling shallow waters and waterways. Our sailing boots are hardwearing and use excellent, anti-skid sole grip and traction technology to keep you steady and upright without getting bogged down by water. From our excellent selection of sailing wellington and leather boots to our ultra-protective, abrasion-resistant cuissardes and waders, explore the wettest of environments with confidence and comfort no matter the conditions. Check out our guide for the perfect fit and size for you and shop our Le Chameau sailing boots for foot support in all your maritime pursuits.