Men’s Short Wellies

For utmost stability and flexibility for your legs and feet, our collection of Le Chameau men’s low boots are top of the line. Perfect for a range of activities, from long country walks and hiking with friends to days out gardening and farming, our men’s short welly boots keep you steady with complete comfort. Whether you prefer rubber or leather, we always have the boot for you. Browse our selection below!

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Country Cross Bottillon


Made with Natural Rubber
Men's Cérès Jersey Lined Low Boot


Made with Natural Rubber
Country Cross Sabotin


Made with Natural Rubber
Men's Pontus


Benefits of Men’s Short Wellies
Men’s short wellington boots offer a number of benefits. They’re highly lightweight and provide more freedom for your ankles with more ease of movement for the leg, making walking long distances, especially with uphill terrain, easier. These boots are also more breathable by design and great for summer days out in the country, and at Le Chameau, along with our handcrafted Chamolux rubber, we offer comfort lining options like soft, moisture-wicking jersey lining for extra comfort during the heat.
Men’s Ankle Boots
Coming in classic colours like Vert Chameau, our men’s ankle boots like our men’s Country Cross Sabotin are highly durable and comfortable on your feet. Made with handcrafted, Chamolux rubber by our Le Chameau Master Bootmaker, these resilient boots are 100% waterproof. Coupled with our soft, moisture-wicking jersey lining and Jardin technical grip soles, we provide expert comfort and steady balance to your feet, whatever the conditions and terrain.
Men’s Short Wellington Boots Collection
Our men’s short wellies are highly robust and comfortable, making an excellent choice for all your country pursuits.
Walking and Farming Boots
Boots like our Men’s Cérès Jersey-Lined Low Boots are perfect for difficult terrain and hostile conditions, with reinforced, 100% waterproof Chamolux rubber and revolutionary, Michelin Agri tractor-style technical outsoles for outstanding grip and traction as well as self-cleaning properties. These boots keep your feet dry, comfortable and light-on-your-feet, with shank-reinforced anti-fatigue arch support and lightweight, moisture-wicking jersey lining for country walks and farmland ventures in the heat.
Marine Boots
We also have men’s short boots designed for your coastal and maritime pursuits. With our saltwater resistant, 100% waterproof Chamolux rubber, our Men’s Marine Evo Ponti Lined Boots are a fantastic choice. These boots provide excellent balance on slippery boat decks and surfaces, with fine-tuned, non-marking, anti-skid marine soles, and featuring quick-drying, hardwearing Ponti lining for next-level comfort. Meanwhile, our premium men’s Neptune Neoprene Boots option is a warmer, insulated boot with a fixed Wave-Guard gaiter that uses a mesh for quick water drainage and has a fast-release cord lock.
Men’s Short Wellies Size and Fit
Our boots are made true to the size of your feet for expert support, and feature inbuilt, comfortable jersey lining so you don’t need socks. However, if you are still planning on wearing socks, it’s recommended you go up half a size or a full size to accommodate.
Handcrafted Men’s Short Wellies
With over 90 years of experience, Le Chameau brings you footwear at absolute top quality. Our wellington boots are made from premium, Chamolux rubber and crafted with the ultimate human touch by our Le Chameau Master Bootmakers. These boots mould to your feet, with shank-reinforced anti-fatigue arch support design and cushioning, premium lining to give your feet the comfort and support they need for all their outdoor pursuits, from long walks, hikes and days out on the farm to sailing and fishing. Check our boot care guide to get the absolute best out of your boots and shop our premium short men’s wellington boots for utter comfort and balance on the country track.