Walking Boots

You are no better served than with our excellent selection of Le Chameau walking boots. Our premium leather walking boots are the best in quality and design, always fantastically robust and comfortable with excellent foot support. These boots excel at all your needs, being perfect for long, country walks and hikes with superior grip and traction for the most difficult of terrain.

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Chameau Explore 7''


Features of Walking Boots
With LCX high-grade waterproofing technology, these Le Chameau boots keep your feet dry whatever the weather throws. These boots are hardwearing and durable, made from high-quality Terracare leather with a flexible touch for your feet and legs. They keep you steady on the most difficult of terrain with specially built high grip and traction outsoles like our MICHELIN OC sole, great for dealing with mud and boggy ground. For further ease and convenience, our walking boots also feature lace-locking, meaning that you can tailor your fit without lacing ever getting in the way.
Leather Walking Boots
Walk your dog with the perfect dog walking boot that keeps the mud at bay or hike on the inclines with complete steady balance. From our robust Chameau-Explore options to taller walking boots like our Chameau-Lite, our Le Chameau leather walking boots are excellent for all terrain with ankle-flex technology. Our Terracare, full-grain leather is especially hardwearing, and crinkles beautifully with age, allowing you long-lasting boots that always look good.
Waterproof Walking Boots
For the perfect waterproof hiking boots, Le Chameau always has you covered. Being made from water-resistant, Terracare leather combined with breathable, LCX 5-layer waterproofing, boots like our Chameau-Explore and Chameau-Lite are built to withstand the elements. Waterproof boots are essential as wet feet are not only unpleasant, but can both be a hive for bacteria, fungus conditions and bad odours, as well as cause your body temperature to drop in the cold and put you at risk of hypothermia, especially if high up.
Walking Boots for Men and Women
We have an excellent collection of walking boots for men and women at Le Chameau. These boots are made from the most robust material, including our high-grade, eco-friendly Terracare leather, which is hardwearing and able to effectively deal with debris on rough terrain. We further waterproof our boots with LCX 5-layer technology to keep your feet protected whatever the conditions, and provide expert grip with lightweight Michelin soles to keep you steady while preventing drag and fatigue.
Le Chameau Walking Boots
With over 90 years experience in boots and the outdoors, Le Chameau always knows how to provide ultimate support for your legs and feet. Our Chameau-Lite and Chameau-Explore are highly durable and great at handling rough terrain, with premium, lightweight Michelin outsoles that give excellent grip and traction. Take a look at our sole guide for more on our revolutionary options and shop our waterproof walking boots today for perfect security on every terrain.