The Le Chameau Warranty

Our boots come with a two-year warranty from the original date of purchase. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your proof of purchase, which will be needed to validate a claim within the two-year period.

Please note that our warranty only covers items purchased from our website and authorised retailers. Items purchased from third party non-authorised Le Chameau retailers are not valid for our two-year warranty.

The two-year warranty covers the product specifically for manufacturing defects; however, this is subject to reasonable wear and tear and does not cover misuse of the product, which includes deterioration of colour through exposure to UV, heat, chemicals and general waste.

Due to the manufacturing process, which includes vulcanisation, it is not possible to repair and re-vulcanise any rubber boots. This includes the repair of moving parts such as zips, straps and sole.

Please note that boots from our Imperfects collection carry a one-year warranty, for fit-for-purpose faults only.

In the event that your footwear product is defective, please return it to your Le Chameau stockist. Replacement of your footwear under warranty will not be extended after the warranty has expired. If you have purchased your footwear product directly from the Le Chameau website, you can find additional information here.

Le Chameau footwear has been designed for a variety of different uses, so it is very important to select your boots according to their end use and intended purpose. This includes the choice of linings and outsole, zipped or adjustable. For example, neoprene is a very warm lining and during the warmer months the foot will perspire; this can sometimes be confused with your boot leaking. We recommend a cotton-lined boot in such conditions. For more information about how to take care of your Le Chameau boots, please consult our Product Care page.

Wearing boots on concrete or hard, abrasive surfaces will inevitably cause the life of the sole to be shortened.