Since 1927, we have prided ourselves on being innovators. From being the first master bootmakers to use a zipper on a rubber boot, to developing our own LCX technologies, we have not stopped developing methods, processes and technology that sets us apart from others. Our heritage is steeped in innovation and technology and so is our future.

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Natural Rubber

Natural rubber has high elasticity, is highly resilient and naturally extremely waterproof. Natural rubber is harvested in the form of latex from the rubber tree. The latex is coagulated to create lumps of natural rubber that goes through a series of processing stages, with the end result being the supple rubber that goes into every pair of our natural rubber boots.


Nubuck is a leather that has been sanded or buffed on the outside to produce a velvet-like surface, while still maintaining the characteristics of the top-grain cattle leather. The Nubuck that we use is waterproofed in the tanning process and Nubuck as a material, is naturally resilient and extremely hard-wearing.


Neoprene is a flexible, water-resistant material that can handle a variety of temperatures, which makes it perfect for all weather conditions. The fabric contains mirco bubbles that prevents dissipation of heat, providing excellent thermal insulation, elasticity and resilience. Our Neoprene comes in a thickness of 3 mm or 5 mm.



Our stretchy jersey lining is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Jersey combined with rubber provides the perfect comfort and fit as it moulds around the foot. A jersey lined boot is perfect for the warmer months.


Our 100% natural soft wool lining is perfect for the cold winter months, providing thermal insulation to keep the feet warm in all outdoor activities and pursuits in the cool weather. Wool provides long-lasting comfort and warmth.


The origins of a Le Chameau boot begins with the design and sourcing of our material. We pick only the finest ingredients; our natural rubber, our leathers and our neoprene linings are all of the highest quality. Our design teams explore new technologies. These, combined with our archives, ensure we continue to innovate while retaining timeless shapes and proven methods.

Secret Recipe

We have a secret recipe to make each pair of rubber boots unique. This has been developed over more than 90 years of experience and expertise, and is what characterises our supple rubber so significantly.


Once all the elements have been gathered, all the individual rubber pieces have been hand-cut and trimmed, the sole moulded and the linings cut and ready; the Maitre Bottier is ready to carefully assemble a Le Chameau boot.



Every Le Chameau boot is constructed by one Maître Bottier. In order to become a Maître Bottier it takes 9 months of training before they are ready to construct their first Le Chameau boot. The Maître Bottier carefully stretches the rubber pieces over the aluminium boot last, gradually forming the famous Le Chameau shape. Once the shape has been created, it’s time to add the trims and small details that give the Le Chameau boot it's premium quality. Once the boot has been constructed, it is ready for the final part of the process.


The final process of creating the Le Chameau boot is the vulcanisation process. This is the ‘cooking’ of the rubber boot at the optimum temperature for the correct amount of time, until it becomes flexible and durable. Each style of boot requires different temperatures and timings, ensuring that each boot is of our Le Chameau standard. Once the boot has cooled, each boot is tested in water to ensure it is fully waterproof. Before the boots leave our workshop, they go through one final quality control check, a final polish and are then wrapped and boxed ready to make their way to their new owner.


Once our natural rubber has gone through the vulcanisation process, it is then carefully placed onto our aluminium lasts to 'cook' for 90 minutes at 140°. The final result; ensuring each rubber boot is finished to the highest Le Chameau standard.

Calf Sizes

Calf size is an important detail when it comes to choosing the perfect fit. Our research and development team took the average sizing and developed the Le Chameau calf sizing system. Our iconic Chasseur and Saint-Hubert come in a variety of calf sizes.

Shank Reinforcement

Shank reinforcement provides a rigid and stable sole which allows for greater movement and improved comfort, especially on rough terrain. The shank allows energy to transfer from the heel to the toes, helping to prevent muscle fatigue.


LCX Technology has been specially developed by our product development team at Le Chameau. LCX is a complex five-layer technical construction consisting of an external material, protective film, a membrane, functional non-woven fabric and an inside lining. Combining these five technical materials ensures that the boot remains insulated, breathable and waterproof.

Realtree AP

Our Realtree Max-4 camo pattern is printed in high definition, ensuring that it captures the real-life intricate details of nature from which it takes its inspiration. The realistic finish of the Realtree Max-4 camo will allow you to seamlessly blend into your surroundings.



Our gussets are all waterproof and are tested at each stage of production to ensure our rubber boots are 100% waterproof. The gusset is accompanied by a tightening strap to allow you to adjust the fit of the boot around your calf, to ensure the most comfortable fit for all outdoor pursuits.

Salt Water Resistance

Rubber conceived and designed for the sea, specially formulated to prevent salt water abrasion. This rubber is salt water resistant, meaning that it maximizes duration in the water and helps to ensure longevity of the boot.

Manure Resistance

We have developed a specially formulated rubber for our agricultural range. This rubber has been refined to provide protection from the harsh farm wastes and chemicals associated with agricultural activities, in order to prevent a manure chemical reaction and abrasion.


Michelin Sole

For over a century Michelin has taken pride in developing reliable, high performance tyres for all types of vehicles across the world, exercising experience to deliver quality and drive innovation. Today, Michelin has taken this expertise in rubber compounds, grip and durability off-road to create the next breed of technical soles for outdoor sports footwear.


Kevlar was developed in 1965 by DuPont. It is used to make a variety of clothing and accessories and is often associated with body armour, due to it being cut resistant and extraordinarily strong. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel and yet remains lightweight. Our Chameau-Lite collection is the first boot to combine our LCX technology with Kevlar to produce a truly highly durable, ultra-lightweight, flexible and comfortable all-terrain boot.


Vibram was founded in 1937 in Italy by Vitale Bramani, producing rubber soles initially to replace leather soles on mountaineering boots. Vibram has a rich history of innovation and a reputation for its durability and strength. The Vibram soles we use on our Le Chameau boots are exclusive to us.