Dog Bowls

When it comes to a luxury dog bowl that always fulfils your pet needs, our Le Chameau dog bowls are the highest quality. From our portable dog bowl options to our stainless steel, we provide you dog bowls that are lightweight with expert non-slip and easy use for your pet. Browse our premium selection below and get the perfect dog bowl for your little friend.

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Luxury Dog Bowls
We have an excellent range of luxury dog bowls available at Le Chameau that fulfil all your pet’s eating and drinking needs. See our premium bowls below.
Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Our Le Chameau stainless steel dog bowls provide the perfect eating base for your pet. Suitable for use as a dog food bowl or for drinking water, and have a non-slip base to prevent slippage and spillage. Coming in classic colours like Gris Ardoise, Vert Chameau and Rouge, these dog bowls brighten up any corner of your home, with prominent Le Chameau branding.
Portable Dog Bowls
When it comes to convenience, our Le Chameau portable dog bowls are lightweight, quick drying and easily scrunchable. These collapsible bowls are perfect for travel, picnics and walks with your little friend. Sturdy, and coming in colours, Bleu Foncé, Rouge and Vert Chameau, these bowls are also the perfect complement to our dog accessories and our boot collection.
Dog Bowls with Le Chameau
At Le Chameau, we always provide quality. Our handcrafted boots, made with the finest Chamolux rubber by a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker since 1927 and providing absolute premium quality for your feet. Our portable dog bowls are excellent for giving your pet a treat on a walk or out at a country picnic, being lightweight and easily collapsible for ultimate convenience. Shop our fantastic Le Chameau dog bowl selection and find the perfect complement for our excellent dog accessories and boots.