Luxury Dog Beds

At Le Chameau, we have an excellent selection of luxury dog beds that fulfil all your pet’s sleeping needs. Our Le Chameau dog beds are extremely soft, easy to wash, and come in a wide selection of rich colours and sizes, always giving your pet plenty of room to stretch out on quilted comfort. Browse our selection below and find the perfect dog bed that allows your pet to always have the perfect sleep.

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Why Buy A Luxury Dog Bed
It’s important that you ensure that you’re getting the right dog bed for your little friend. With a smart foam bed wall design and soft tweed, with traditional colours that feels right at home, give your pet the perfect spot to settle down and relax after a day of long walks. These beds are also long-lasting, with excellent scratch-resistant design.
Types of Luxury Dog Beds
We have an excellent range of dog beds to suit your pets needs, being highly supportive, durable, soft and coming in beautiful colours like Bleu Foncé, Grey and Vert Chameau that brighten up any corner. Our traditional double-cushion dog bed baskets have a foam wall design with soft tweed inner and double cushioning, which is both extremely supportive for your pet as they rest. Alternatively, we also have our premium dog bed cushion, which gives your pet expansive quilted comfort to lie on and call home.
Luxury Dog Bed Sizes
With small, medium, large and extra large options, we have an excellent range of dog bed sizes to ensure your pet always gets the right size for them. Our fabric dog baskets offer four sizing options, which are small (60cm), medium (70cm), large (80cm) and extra large (100cm). Meanwhile, our comfortable dog cushions offer small (73cm length), medium (98cm) and large (124cm) as options. Our extra large dog beds are great for a big labrador or husky, while our large and medium tends to be the perfect fit for Dalmatians and Pitbull breeds. Alternatively, our small dog bed option is excellent for a Shih Tzu or Ihasa Apso, depending on how much space you want to give them to roll about.
Caring For Your Luxury Dog Bed
And, it’s not just your pet that benefits, because our premium dog beds are scratch-resistant and easy to wash, making them keep for much longer than regular dog beds as well. Our dog bed basket has a removable cushion for easy washing, while our dog cushion has a removable cover, ensuring that you can keep your dog bed looking and smelling fresh no matter how many days you return from a muddy walk out in the countryside.
Le Chameau Dog Beds
Our Le Chameau dog beds provide the ultimate comfort and convenience. Not only are our dog beds and cushions extremely soft and comfortable to deal with your dog’s sleeping needs, but they’re easy for you to clean and wash with expert durability and intelligent design. With high-quality, cushioning foam and scratch-resistant material, you always get a dog bed that excels with Le Chameau’s range. Our dog beds also pair up well with our dog accessory range, giving you express quality all around for your pet. Shop our range now and find long-lasting, luxury dog beds that support and keep up with your pet no matter the challenge! If you have any more questions about Le Chameau and what we offer, contact us via our contact page and we’ll be in touch.