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Agriculture Boots

The Cérès boot has been developed for agricultural professionals in partnership with Michelin and is designed for warmth, durability and resistance to harsh farm wastes and chemicals. This lightweight, 3mm neoprene-lined, reinforced agricultural Wellington boot comes with a self-cleaning Michelin Agri sole.

Developed in partnership with Michelin, the Agri sole provides the same high performance as their agricultural tractor tyres. The outsole tread uses Michelin Ultraflex tyre auto-cleaning technology, distributing weight evenly giving better grip on soft ground and dislodging soil and mud while walking.

The jersey-lined option comes in a low and tall wellington boot to best suit the footwear you like to have during the warmer months. Whereas the neoprene lining only comes in tall to offer the best protection possible from cold, harsh weather.