Same Harvest. New Recipes.

As a chef, you become attuned to quality and authenticity: beautiful produce, unique flavour pairings, and creative techniques. From the halls of the Institut Paul Bocuse to the galleys of three Michelin-star institution Noma, Alice Arnoux is a rising star of French cuisine dedicated to the art of good food. ​

At la Ferme des Limons de Toulotte, supplier to the greatest restaurants in Paris, Alice begins the lifecycle of new dishes by picking the vegetables that will end up on the menu of her restaurant.​

Like a chef, Le Chameau understands quality and supports Alice every step of the way, from early mornings picking vegetables to late nights manning the kitchens of an iconic Parisian bistro. ​

Outdoors, with the Saint Hubert, a Le Chameau classic with leather lining for year-round comfort. And every day with the Country Cross Sabottin, a versatile indoor and outdoor shoe, whose excellent ankle support and breathable jersey lining make it the perfect companion for when it’s time to turn up the heat in the kitchen.

Saint Hubert

Created in 1950, the Saint-Hubert leather lined wellington boot combines Le Chameau savoir-faire with premium leather and our secret recipe natural rubber.

As with all Le Chameau rubber boots the Saint-Hubert is handcrafted by a single master bootmaker using the same techniques passed on from generation to generation. Instantly recognisable with their slim-fitting, elegant shape, the Saint-Hubert is the best selling wellington boot in France.


Since 1927, the master bootmakers of Le Chameau have handcrafted the highest quality rubber boots, one pair at a time. There are many parallels to be drawn between artisanal cooking and what we stand for at Le Chameau. We have a special story of our own. We use the best available materials. Our master bootmakers work with meticulous attention to detail. They truly care, too. Their craft is steeped in history, a product of inherited knowledge and passion. And the people who live and work on and off the land – the farmers, the fishermen, the foragers and the chefs – know this. They’ve known it for generations.

Same Lake. Different Catch.

When you’ve been fishing your whole life like Charley Bunce, you understand the importance of quality kit that keeps you warm and dry for days on end.

Same Outlook. Different View.

Having photographed some of the most remote places on earth, Jack knows a thing or two about the wild. When you're on top of a mountain, your boots are your workhorse just as much as your camera. The last thing you want is for your feet to be wet and cold.