Words by Le Chameau

April 11, 2023


Festival Themed Parties

Whether you are hosting or attending a festival-themed party this summer, this is the perfect excuse to go all out and over the top on the outfits, decorations, buffet food selections, and entertainment.

Festival Party Preparation

Just like the big events themselves, having everything prepared in advance can make all the difference on the day. Whether you are hosting for small or large groups of people, making sure you can enjoy the day just as much as your guests is important.

Festival Location

First things first, the location! To achieve the ultimate summer festival-themed party, decorating and hosting it in a garden will give it the real festival feel. Transform your garden into the ultimate party space, whether you are working with a small or large area. Other options may include hiring an open venue with a large marquee or tent, where you are able to decorate how you like and invite more guests than anticipated. Once you have chosen your preferred festival location, decorating your venue is where the fun begins!

Festival Decorations

A festival-themed party wouldn’t be festival themed without bold and bright colours. Decorate your teepee tent or marquee with draped organza curtains, cover the ground with patterned rugs, and fill your space with palleted furniture, creating the perfect space for guests to relax and enjoy the music. Go the extra mile and have a couple of hammocks installed around your festival party for the late-night slump.

As the summer nights get light and your party turns from day to evening, make sure to have incorporated hanging lights from either side of your teepee tent or marquee, creating a snuggly feel as your guests start to unwind.

Festival Entertainment

From music playlists to show acts, providing your guests with a variety of entertainment is important. Here are some ideas to get your festival party started:

  • Magician: entertain your guests by hiring a magician at your festival-themed party. The magical and intriguing form of entertainment is perfect for your party.
  • Live Performers: From a live instrumental band to a DJ, create the ultimate festival atmosphere with live music dancing you into the night.
  • Face Painters: from glitter to detailed face painting, hiring a face painter for your festival-themed party is not only for the children but adults too. It wouldn’t be a festival-themed party without face painting facilities

Festival Outfits

Set a great example for your festival-themed party and create an outfit theme. Whether you aim to be a country-style festival outfit, or Coachella or Creamfields-inspired, find the brightest, boldest, and most patterned outfit in your wardrobe. As for footwear, of course, we wouldn't be Le Chameau without advising you on the best wellies. Find the perfect pair of festival wellies and boots for the festival season.

With the summer full of different festivals and events, creating your own festival-themed party, taking inspiration, and making it unique will more than likely suit the tastes of all your guests. Remember to capture the day by taking loads of pictures, making it a day you’ll never forget.

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