How to choose the right boot for you & your activities

December 01, 2020


With such a wide range of footwear on offer at Le Chameau, it can come across as a daunting task when trying to decide which is the right type of boot for you.

All our shoes have been meticulously developed using different linings, materials, and technologies to cater for specific activities. We have an exclusive range of men’s wellies, women’s wellies, and children’s wellies. As well as boots, we have styles to suit the whole family.

With this in mind, the best thing to do before purchasing is to research our different options to find a type of boot that supports and improves your chosen activity. From traditional Wellington Boots to innovatively designed walking boots, we have the best boot for any activity.

This guide will help you choose the right boot for you and your activity. It will save you hours of searching the internet for the best boots and ensure you make a practical and informed decision.

How to Choose Walking Boots

When choosing the right walking boots for you and your activity, there are multiple qualities and functions you should look for. One is finding the best waterproof walking boot, to ensure you are prepared for all weather types.

Our lightweight and supportive Chameau-Lite range provides walkers with a choice of three different heights. Created using innovative multi-layer Le Chameau LCX® technology, this type of boot is waterproof and breathable, tackling the most difficult weathers and terrains with ease. This complex technology prevents water permeating the boot whilst simultaneously allowing vapour to escape easily.

Developed in partnership with Michelin, these feature a 'Deep Forest' sole that is based on motocross tyre technology resulting in an exceptionally light, hardwearing and comfortable outsole that offers flexibility and grip in the most demanding terrain.

Due to the tighter fit found in our Chameau-Lite range, we recommend ordering 1 size larger than you would usually wear.

How to Choose Gardening Wellington Boots

When choosing the right Wellington boots to wear whilst gardening, you must remember you will be standing for long periods of time. The weather is unpredictable, and conditions could be wet. Therefore, you need to choose a Wellington boot that is comfortable and waterproof.

Our Vierzon and Vierzonord Wellington boots are perfect for people that spend a lot of their time in the garden. From those who can always be found in the allotment to those that are tackling large landscaping jobs. Our Vierzonord Wellington boot provides comfort up to -15°C with its 3mm neoprene lining, whereas the Vierzon is better suited to summer with its breathable polycotton jersey interior.

For women, our Giverny style Wellington boots are clear favourites for avid gardeners. The traditional tall wellington boot has been cut specifically for women using an aluminium last, creating the perfect fit. Our alternative style, the shorter bottillion Wellington boot, has all the same features but as a chic ankle boot. Both options feature a breathable, stretchy polycotton lining that moulds to your foot and wicks away moisture. The dual-density cross sole provides a shank reinforcement board for better stability and reduced fatigue.

How to Choose the Right Sailing Boot

When choosing a pair of good sailing boots, you must consider the weather conditions you may find yourself in.

Alize Wellington boots are extremely durable boots that are quick-drying, anti-skid and reinforced for maximum support, protection, and comfort. Our Alize wellington boots come with the choice of either Ponti or neoprene lining. This tall, salt-water resistant boot also has a dual density Michelin Sail sole for unrivalled grip and nylon around the top of the boot with a quick-release cord to prevent water entering the boot wellies.

The Marine Evo Ponti lined boot features a durable anti-skid sole, a protected, salt water resistant upper and reinforced side, rear and front panel for maximum protection, stability and support of leg, foot and ankle.

How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Wellington Boot

The men's Oceane Ponti thigh wellington boots are Aramid fibre reinforced and have a dual density Ostrea sole that ensures strong grip and resistance to abrasion. Perfect for shallow waters, the jersey Ponti lining provides comfortable ventilation and will keep your feet warm at temperatures as low as 5 degrees.

Alternatively, we have the unisex Deltanord thigh wellington boots that are made from premium rubber that is waterproof and flexible. The anti-skid River Limaille sole has embedded iron filings which is perfect for freshwater and seashore fishing. The great traction on river bottom and shore rocks will allow you to stay dry and secure on your feet.

Browse our full range of fishing boots.

How to Choose Your Farming Wellington Boot

When choosing your Wellington boot for farming, It is essential to consider its durability, comfort and ability to sustain, and protect your feet in the heaviest of rain.

The Cérès boot has been developed for agricultural professionals in partnership with Michelin and is designed for warmth, durability and resistance to harsh farm wastes and chemicals. This lightweight, 3mm neoprene-lined, reinforced agricultural Wellington boot comes with a self-cleaning Michelin Agri sole. Conforms to EN ISO 20-347: 2012 OB E safety standards.

Developed in partnership with Michelin, the Agri sole provides the same high performance as their agricultural tractor tyres. The outsole tread uses Michelin Ultraflex tyre auto-cleaning technology, distributing weight evenly giving better grip on soft ground and dislodging soil and mud while walking.

The jersey lined option comes in a low and tall wellington boot to best suit the footwear you like to have during the warmer months. Whereas the neoprene lining only comes in tall to offer the best protection possible from cold, harsh weather.

The Best Boots for Everyday Leisure

While the Vierzonord is another popular choice of wellington boot for shooting, it is also a superb boot for everyday country life. This shoe Wellington boot boasts an insulating neoprene lining that will keep you comfortable and warm all day in temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

The adjustable waterproof gusset also features a snap-fastening buckle to provide a comfortable fit around the leg and calf. This boot has a shock-absorbing dual-density Grip outsole which prevents fatigue, resists abrasion and is suitable for all terrains.

Alternatively, the Iris is our brightest Wellington boot to date and comes in seven beautiful colours. From dresses to jeans and the farm to town, these shoes are ideal for women who like to make a statement with their shoes. Making them one of the best Wellington boots for everyday leisure.

How to Choose Shooting Boots

Shooting boots have got to be comfortable and warm so they can be worn in range of weathers and terrains all day without disruption.

The Chasseur is a popular Wellington boot for shooting and is regularly seen out in the field on men and women. This shoe welly is ideal for shooting, as the full-length waterproof zip provides extra protection and makes it easy to get on and off. The dual density sole is tough on the outside and manoeuvres uneven and muddy ground with ease. This, combined with shank reinforcement and better arch support, offers complete comfort and stability for long days of standing.

These are our only type of Wellington boots that come with the option of every lining we offer – jersey, leather, wool and neoprene - so you can team your boot welly with the interior that best suits you.

We hope this guide has helped you gather a deeper understanding of what types of boot or Wellington boot you should choose depending on your preferred activity. If need any further help shopping for the best boot for you, contact our customer service team today. We’re always happy to help.