Different Le Chameau Linings

Words by Le Chameau

August 31, 2021

Different Le Chameau Linings

Did you know that Le Chameau boots come with a variety of different linings?

If you’re unsure which to choose, the most important factor is the season and temperature in which you’ll be wearing your boots. From our beloved blue neoprene for the cold weather to our lightweight, tartan polycotton jersey for the sunnier months, not to mention our butter-soft premium leather for all-year-round comfort, there’s a lining for any temperature.

Neoprene Wellies

With plummeting winter temperatures upon us, there's nothing better than a trusted pair of Le Chameau boots to carry you from season to season, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout those cold months. They're excellent boots for farming and make great fishing boots too, with incredible insulation properties and up to 5mm neoprene lining. Our boots are always sure to offer you the warmth and protection you need.

Known for its exceptional insulating qualities in temperatures as low as -15°C, our neoprene lined Chasseur boot is one of the most popular styles for winter. The quick-drying neoprene insulation lining cushions the foot and provides additional energy absorption whilst in the field, ensuring lasting comfort and support for game shooting and country walking enthusiasts.

Lined with 3mm neoprene, our best-selling Vierzonord is the perfect boot to take you from season to season, all the while providing exceptional insulation against the cold and superior comfort during those long country walks. Originally used to make diving suits, our premium neoprene lining has excellent insulating properties and prevents the wearer’s body heat from dissipating.

The Vierzonord Plus boot is another perfect choice for the cold season, specially designed for the icy weather down to temperatures as low as -25°C. Featuring a thick 5mm neoprene lining and removable, aluminium inner sole for improved thermal insulation, the Vierzonord Plus boot is guaranteed to deliver you continuous comfort in extreme cold weather conditions.

Leather Lining

The leather we use in our linings is a thick and supple full-grain calf leather supplied only by French and Italian tanneries, it encloses the foot completely for superior comfort. A leather-lined boot is tough, hardwearing and easy to put on. Treated to resist dampness, leather remains supple even in contact with water. Choose leather for luxurious year-round comfort.

These kinds of boots keep your feet dry, comfortable and warm no matter the conditions, making them an excellent boot for field sports.

The Chasseur Boot is the ultimate men's shooting wellington boot. Iconic in the field, the boot with its signature full-length zip and leather lining has been at the forefront of shooting footwear for years. The Chasseur comes in a choice of calf widths which offers an almost bespoke fit, the boot also features a shock-absorbing dual density sole that is tough on the outside and forgiving on the inside.

Wool Lined Boots

Our 100% natural soft wool lining is perfect for the cold winter months, providing thermal insulation to keep the feet warm in all outdoor activities and pursuits in cool weather. Wool provides long-lasting comfort and warmth in temperatures down to -15°C.

With expert warmth and anti-fungal properties, wool lined boots are perfect for those long, country walks and field sports in the winter.

Fully lined in warm and soft natural wool for comfort and insulation during winter seasons. This wool moulds to your feet making it incredibly comfortable for years to come. The watertight heavy-duty zip with press stud tightening strap makes the Chasseur easy to put on and take off.

Jersey Material Lining

Our unique polycotton jersey lining is designed especially for the warmer months to keep you cool even when you’re on your feet all day long. Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the tartan patterned lining provides wearers with a fast-drying interior that keeps feet cool and comfortable in temperatures down to 0°C. 

This fabric is moisture-wicking, so will stop feet from sweating, resulting in long-lasting wear. Combined with our secret recipe Chamolux rubber, our lightweight jersey-lined range provides all-day comfort while keeping you cool. These kind of lined boots are perfect for farming, they also make a good gardening boot or the perfect festival wellington, with an excellent, very comfortable fit.

The Le Chameau jersey-lined boot collection comprises a handcrafted range of varied styles, from Country Cross, a handmade country walking boot, to the lightweight women's Giverny, available in tall and low version.

One of Le Chameau's most popular styles, the Vierzon jersey-lined boot, is our bestselling summer counterpart of the iconic Vierzonord and is a perfect boot for the warmer season. Available in two colours and a men's and ladies' fit to choose from. Additionally, the Iris Boot is available in seven distinctive colours all inspired by nature and is an extension of our iconic wellington boot colours, being suited for every occasion. So, whether you are attending a festival or spending time in the garden, we really have the colour to match your style.