A guide to gardening in the winter

Words by Lizzie Fox

March 11, 2022

A guide to gardening in the winter

There are so many ways to enjoy spending time outside in your garden this winter, from preparing the garden for the sunnier seasons ahead, to creating havens for wildlife; gardening is not only good for nature, but good for us humans too! There is nothing I love more than spending time in my garden in winter. I love the cold crisp days where the sun is shining and the frost glistens. Even on the cloudier, dull days a few minutes spent deadheading in the garden are good for the soul. It doesn’t matter how small your growing space, there is so much you can do to gain the benefits of gardening in winter. I’ll be sharing some winter gardening tips to help you create a gorgeous garden that you can enjoy all year round.

Top wintering garden tips:

  1. Preparing your garden for winter: It’s important when it comes to the winter months to ensure that you leave areas for wildlife to thrive. It can be tempting to cut everything in your winter garden to the ground, but the best gardens are ones full of wildlife- a lot of birds will eat slugs and pests, so are best encouraged into our garden as a natural way of control. This is even more important through the winter months, by leaving dried seed heads, areas of leaves for hedgehogs and breaking any ice on ponds or water features so there is fresh accessible water. It’s best to cut down any perennials that may have flopped over in February before Spring starts.

  2. Sowing seeds: If you have a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill, then there are plenty of seeds which can be sown through the winter months. Sweet Peas and Snapdragons are great flowers to start from seed, even in the coldest of months. Start your seeds off inside on a sunny windowsill; Sweet Peas and Snapdragons will germinate in a few weeks and can then be moved outside under cover to protect them from winter frosts. A greenhouse or cold frame are great options. Plus, we mustn’t forget growing winter vegetables, there are plenty of vegetables that can be harvested throughout the winter months, such as Kale and Chard, so plan ahead for seed sowing through the summer months. There are also vegetable seeds you can sow now for a veg-filled summer with plenty of allotment or garden harvests! Tomatoes and chillies are great to start on warm windowsills throughout the winter months.

Here are some other Winter gardening jobs to help you create a gorgeous garden:

  • Cut down any ornamental grasses left standing at the end of Winter.

  • If the ground isn't frozen, now is a good time to dig up and divide perennials. Plus you can plant trees through the winter months if the conditions aren’t frozen or water-logged.

  • Trim back ivy, Virginia creeper and other climbers if they have outgrown their space, before birds start nesting for Spring

  • Add slow-release fertiliser around the base of Roses in late winter- they’re hungry plants.

  • Remember to enjoy spending time outside in nature in whatever way you can!

So go on, grab your gardening wellies (Le Chameau, of course) and enjoy spending time in your garden this winter!

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