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If you are new to Le Chameau, here are some common questions that we receive from our customers – they may just help you choose the most suitable pair of boots for you.

General Queries

How is Le Chameau pronounced?

Our story goes all the way back to 1927 when a French craftsmen by the name of Claude Chamot began making boots by hand for his discerning customers. They quickly gained a reputation for unparalleled quality and by 1949, Mr Chamot had invested in a new factory in Casablanca, Morocco. To mark this expansion, he renamed his company Le Chameau (the camel), pronounced as "Le Sham-oh".

How are Le Chameau boots made?

At Le Chameau, we have a secret recipe – honed by experts since 1927 – that makes each pair of our rubber boots unique. 

Once the rubber has been cut and trimmed by hand, the soles moulded and the linings prepped and readied, the master bootmaker is ready to assemble the elements and create each boot.

The process involves carefully stretching the rubber pieces over an aluminium boot last, gradually forming the famous wellington boot shape. The trims and small details are then added. Once the boot has been constructed, it is ready for the final part of the process.

The final stage of creating a Le Chameau boot involves a process called vulcanisation, whereby the rubber is cooked at a precise temperature and for a set period of time to ensure optimum flexibility and durability. Once cooled, every boot is tested in water to make sure it is fully waterproof. Another quality control check and a polish follows to complete the process before the boots are wrapped and boxed, ready to make their way to their new owner.

Where are Le Chameau boots made?

Le Chameau rubber boots are all handcrafted in our factory in Casablanca, Morocco. Traditional skills have been handed down the generations for more than 90 years. Each pair of our boots is made by a single master bootmaker.

What size Le Chameau boots should I buy?

For any questions relating to size and fit of Le Chameau boots, please see the Size and Fit guide.


What are Le Chameau rubber boots made of?

Le Chameau rubber boots are made from natural rubber that is highly elastic, durable and waterproof.

Our rubber is harvested in the form of latex from rubber trees. The latex is then coagulated to create lumps of natural rubber that go through a series of processing stages. The end result is a supple, special-recipe mix used by our master bootmakers.

The linings in our Le Chameau rubber boots are all sourced from the finest premium materials. Our nubuck leather is naturally soft, resilient and extremely hardwearing. Our neoprene lining contains micro-bubbles that prevent the dissipation of heat and can handle very cold temperatures. Our jersey lining is made from a breathable polycotton mixture, perfect for warmer months, while our 100% wool-lined boots provide excellent thermal insulation.

Which boot lining is best for me?

The lining materials used in our wellington boot range are specially developed for particular conditions, so the type of lining you choose is an important consideration when purchasing your Le Chameau boots.

Our moisture-wicking polycotton jersey-lined boots will keep your feet cool in the warmer months. Our neoprene lining is designed for warmth in the cooler months and will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -15°C. Leather, meanwhile, offers the best of both worlds – being warm and breathable, it provides natural temperature regulation for comfort in all weathers and seasons.

Neoprene is not a breathable material: it is designed to trap heat, therefore this type of lining can be too warm for the summer months and result in perspiration. 

Are Le Chameau boots vegan?

Yes, our Le Chameau rubber boots are vegan. The only exceptions are our rubber boots that contain a leather or wool lining.


How do you clean Le Chameau rubber boots?

Take a look at our boot care guide for information on looking after your Le Chameau rubber boots.

How do you clean Le Chameau leather boots?

Take a look at our boot care guide for information on looking after your Le Chameau leather boots.

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How long will it be till I get my order?

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