Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Le Chameau we are delighted to offer our customers dedicated support, service, and security throughout their shopping journey.

If you are new to Le Chameau, here are some common questions that we receive from our customers that we think may help you to choose the most suitable pair of boots for you.

General Queries

How is Le Chameau pronounced?
The heritage of the Le Chameau brand originates back to 1927 when it was founded in Normandy by a man by the name of Claude Chamot. Upon investing in a new factory in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949, Mr Chamot marked this expansion by renaming his company to Le Chameau (the camel), pronounced as <b>Le Sham-oh.
How are Le Chameau boots made?
At Le Chameau, we have a secret recipe to make each pair of rubber boots unique. This has been developed over more than 90 years of experience and expertise, and it is what characterises our supple rubber so significantly.

Once the rubber has been hand-cut and trimmed, the soles moulded and the linings prepped and ready, the Master Bootmaker is ready to combine all the elements together.

The rubber is carefully stretched over an aluminium boot last that gradually forms the classic Le Chameau boot shape. Once the shape has been created, all of the details and trims are added.

The rubber boot is then ready to pass through to the final part of the process, called vulcanisation. This vulcanisation process is the ‘cooking’ of the rubber boot at the optimum temperature for the correct amount of time until it becomes flexible and durable. Each style of boot requires different temperatures and timings, ensuring that each boot is of our Le Chameau standard.

Once the boot has cooled, each boot is tested in water to ensure it is fully waterproof. Before the boots leave our factory, they go through one final quality control check, a final polish and are then are ready to be wrapped to make their way to their new owner.
Where are Le Chameau boots made?
Le Chameau rubber boots are all handcrafted by a single Maître Bottier (Master Bootmaker) in our factory in Casablanca, Morocco. Traditional skills have been handed down from generation to generation for over 90 years, originating in Cherbourg in 1927. It takes 9 months of intensive training to become a Maître Bottier, and the elements of craftsmanship and innovation continue to evolve.
What size Le Chameau boots should I buy?
For any questions relating to Size and Fit of Le Chameau boots, please see the Size and Fit guide.


What are Le Chameau leather boots made of?
Le Chameau's Chameau-Lite and Jameson leather collections are made with premium leather and feature our Le Chameau LCX® technology.

LCX is a five-layer technical lining construction that keeps your feet dry, warm and comfortable, whatever the conditions. A technology developed by Le Chameau, LCX allows excellent vapour permeability and prevents water from entering the product.

Our leather boots are created from an environmentally friendly Terracare® full-grain leather that is designed to protect the environment as well as your feet. Leather is a natural product and is therefore only logical to produce it as environmentally friendly as possible, ensuring the responsible use of resources like water, chemicals and energy. Terracare® leather is produced according to stringent environmental and social standards, using low polluting, non-critical substances.

Our Chameau-Lite and Jameson boots are paired with Michelin soles, taking their expertise in rubber compounds, grip and durability off-road, to create the next breed of technical soles for outdoor sports footwear.

For more detail on these materials, you can visit our Heritage & Innovation page.
What are Le Chameau rubber boots made of?
Le Chameau rubber boots originate from natural rubber that has high elasticity and is extremely durable and waterproof.

Our natural rubber is harvested in the form of latex from a rubber tree. The latex is then coagulated to create lumps of natural rubber that goes through a series of processing stages, with the end result being the supple rubber mix that goes into every pair of our natural rubber boots.

The linings in our Le Chameau rubber boots are all sourced from the finest premium materials.

Our nubuck leather is naturally soft, resilient and extremely hard-wearing. Our neoprene lining contains micro-bubbles that prevent the dissipation of heat and can handle a variety of temperatures. Our jersey lining is made from a stretchy polycotton mixture, perfect for warmer months while our 100% wool-lined boots provide excellent thermal insulation.
Which boot lining is best for me?
We offer a variety of linings in our Wellington boot range, all specially developed to be appropriate for different kinds of seasons and ranging temperatures. Each boot lining is designed for purpose, so the type of lining is important to consider when purchasing your Le Chameau Boots.

Our Jersey options will keep your feet cool in the warmer months due to their moisture-wicking poly-cotton linings.
Our Leather lining benefits from the natural temperature regulation of leather, so appropriate for all weathers and seasons.
Our Neoprene lining is designed for warmth in the cooler months and will keep your feet warm up to -15 degrees.

Neoprene is not a breathable material: it is designed to trap heat, therefore this type of lining can be too warm for the summer months and result in perspiration. Please note, people with a naturally high body temperature can become too warm in this lining which can also result in perspiration. If your boots do become damp after wearing, please air them in a dry environment.
Are Le Chameau boots vegan?

Yes, our Le Chameau rubber boots are vegan. The only exceptions are our rubber boots that contain a leather or wool lining.


How do you clean Le Chameau rubber boots?
Take a look at our boot care guide for informaton on taking care of your Le Chameau rubber boots.
How do you clean Le Chameau leather boots?
Take a look at our boot care guide for informaton on taking care of your Le Chameau leather boots.

Retailers, Delivery and Returns

Where can I buy Le Chameau products?
You can purchase Le Chameau products from our online store. We deliver to the UK, France, Germany and the US.

You can also visit our retail partners who stock our products. To visit our nearest stockist to you, please check our store locator.
How do I return a product?
For information on how to return a Le Chameau product, please visit our returns page.
Am I able to return an Embossed Product?
If you’ve had leather products personalised or embossed, unfortunately, we cannot return or offer an exchange.
How long will it be till I get my order?
For more information about delivery times and locations, please visit our delivery page.

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