Our Saint Hubert socks provide expert comfort and style with a dual knit cuff and a customisable, knitted fit that suits a range of calf sizes without itch. These high-quality socks have a robust wool reinforcement to reduce slippage, with cushioned shins and Paladin™ Protection Padding to redistribute pressure away for the sensitive bone prominences of the foot as well as the superficial dorsalis pedis artery. This helps prevent rubbing, itching, blisters and early onset of calf fatigue and dead feet while you enjoy your everyday activities, from gardening to long walks, to festivals and jaunts around the city.
Product code 2938-7100


  • Designed for all day wear
  • Offered in individual pairs
  • Dual knit cuff for comfort and staying power
  • Elastic Support System (ESS) to prevent ride down. The ESS™ system provides a customised fit and support by locking the sock to your foot and lower leg with minimal compression
  • Ribbed knit calf for a firm fit on a range of calf sizes
  • Seamless toe for ridge free comfort
  • Strong wool reinforcing for reduced slippage and added strength on the ball of the foot
  • Paladin™ Protection Pad designed to provide a form fitting feature that re-distributes compression away from the natural bony prominences on the top of the foot as well as re-distributing direct pressure which could be placed onto the superficial dorsalis pedis artery (the main artery feeding the foot)
  • Cushioned shin for comfort, warmth and protection
  • Arch support for blister free wear

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Saint Hubert Socks


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