Le Chameau introduces: Chameau-Lite

Le Chameau are thrilled to announce the launch of the long-awaited leather Chameau-Lite collection. Having been previewed at this year's Game Fair 2018, the full collection is now available to purchase for men and women. The range is based around the original Condor LCX®, launched by Le Chameau in 2016, which quickly earned fantastic reviews and was shortlisted for the best New Footwear Award in the 2017 Shooting Industry Awards. Following on from the success of the Condor LCX®, Le Chameau has expanded and relaunched the range under the name 'Chameau-Lite' to reflect their incredible lightness. The new range comprises the original LCX® 10" along with a Kevlar-reinforced 10" version for extra resistance, a high 12" version for extra protection and a low 7" version. new chameau-lite collection Appreciated for their incredible lightness, the Chameau-Lite collection is bursting with technology from the Michelin-developed soles to our exclusive five-layer waterproof and breathable LCX® membrane to the ankle-flex for immediate comfort without having to wear them in and the Terracare environmentally friendly leather. The multi-layer Le Chameau LCX® technology prevents water permeating the boot whilst simultaneously allowing vapour to escape easily ensuring that the full range is waterproof and breathable meaning that your feet will stay dry and comfortable whatever the weather. The full Chameau-Lite collection also includes the exclusive Michelin-developed 'Deep Forest' sole. After studying the bio-mechanics of stalkers and hunters, Le Chameau and Michelin engineers spent months developing the exclusive sole to ensure comfort, traction and agility in the harshest of environments. Find out more about the Chameau-Lite collection for men here, find out more about the Chameau-Lite collection for women here. Chameau-Lite