Excellence Connoisseur: Sarah White

Sarah White Le Chameau met up with Sarah White, CPSA Coach of the Year 2015, member of the GB and England Shooting Team and Le Chameau fan to find out more about her background, experience and love of her faithful Chasseur boots. Having lived on a farm as a child, Sarah White is perfectly at home in the countryside, however she has not always been a shooting instructor. Originally a full-time Dental Nurse, Sarah took up shooting in her mid-twenties after years of beating and competing with her Cocker Spaniel. Sarah fondly remembers learning to shoot with Peter, a gamekeeper who she describes as “a wonderful man”. Shooting with her dog on rough shoots ignited Sarah’s passion for the sport. After offering her partner a shooting lesson at Bisley Shooting Ground in Surrey, Sarah enjoyed the day so much she called the grounds and asked if they were looking for staff. Much to her amazement, they agreed to give her a chance. After a couple of years learning the trade at Bisley, swapping her clinical scrubs for ear defenders, she qualified as an instructor with the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI) and the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA). With these and other shooting related qualifications, she then joined the full-time instructor team. During her eight years at Bisley, Sarah developed her coaching, organisational and man‐management skills and enjoyed every minute. “My clients presented numerous challenges and I worked with them to find solutions” she says. “This led me to swap my focus from dog trialling to competing with a shotgun”. In 2011, Sarah gained her first Cap for England, followed in 2013 for Great Britain. Shooting continues to be her passion and she have gained many more Caps since. Le Chameau: Do you remember the first time you picked up a gun? Sarah White: Yes, it felt awkward at first. However, I had great instruction from the gamekeeper and I clearly remember hitting my first clay. It was the size of a dustbin lid, or so I was told, but I was hooked! Le Chameau: What are the key ingredients for a great day’s shooting? Sarah White: Great company to shoot with, well presented gamebirds or clay pigeons and lots of light‐hearted banter! Good weather helps; although I’ve had some amazing days in the rain. LC: If you could spend a day shooting with anyone, who would it be? SW: Shooting is one of the few sports where as a novice, you may be shooting next to some outstanding shots, who may have won world titles, or have the most amazing personalities and abilities. If I had to choose one, I would like to watch or better still join George Digweed on a high bird shoot, as he is one of the greatest shots in the world. LC: What do you wear to shoot and what key clothing items or footwear would you recommend to someone relatively new to shooting? SW: Shooting is a sport where you need to stay dry and warm in winter and cool in summer but have flexibility of movement. High‐collared clothes are not recommended as they may affect the position of the gun. The ideal clothes are those you would wear for a walk in the countryside; I’m a big fan of the Condor Zip LCX and Chasseur rubber boots. LC: What do you like about Le Chameau boots? SW: I still wear the leather lined Chasseur boots I bought when I first started beating and that was a few years ago! I trust them, so they’re always in the car ready for the British weather! LC: What is it about the brand that appeals to you? SW: When you buy quality, they last. Le Chameau has a renowned reputation for providing quality. When they modify the design, it is because they have listened to their consumers and provided a solid quality solution. I have never hesitated to recommend Le Chameau during all the years I have been in the business. LC: What three words would you use to describe Le Chameau boots? SW: Comfortable, waterproof and invaluable. To find out more about Sarah, or to book a lesson with GBS, visit her website here Sarah White