Le Chameau in the field: Fieldings Game & Country cuisine

Le Chameau met up with Fieldings Game & Country to find out more about their bespoke catering business, outdoor passions, brand ethos and love of Le Chameau. Having had the pleasure of meeting the Mother and Son team at the Game Fair last year, we’re now delighted to count them among our valued brand partners. Fieldings – specialists in British Game and Outdoor cuisine - create top-tier bespoke culinary experiences, providing food excellence with elegance and style in stunning and unique settings. They like to evoke an ambience that is in tune with both the location and the occasion, combining a spirit of warm social engagement and lasting memories. Elizabeth (Liz) and her son, Will, are the founders of Fieldings, and take their inspiration from a long English heritage in game farming combined with a background of many years in Africa. This fusion has given them a love and passion for the natural world and a deep sense of being at one with their surroundings. ''Our time in Kenya introduced us to the heightened experience and excitement of living and cooking in the wild, teaching us resourcefulness, to be acutely aware of detail and that you can eat well anywhere using fresh ingredients cooked with love and respect'', added Will. [caption id="attachment_1699" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Photo credit: Nick Middleton[/caption] ''We have taken key elements from our life experiences and incorporated these to develop our own concept of cooking fresh country produce in beautiful settings, often adding layers of rustic sophistication.'' LC: What are some of your Signature Outdoor Foods? Will: When we are outdoors in the countryside we love to cook produce sourced from the fields and forests of the local area and this generally means game and beautiful fresh seasonal vegetables. Our marinated, lightly charred pheasant breast and smoked venison dishes are always great hits with our clients as is our Elevenses hamper filled with our signature venison sausage rolls, scotch eggs, homemade pickles and rich dark chocolate brownies. [caption id="attachment_1700" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Elevenses Hamper[/caption] LC: How has your heritage in Game Farming shaped your Fieldings offering and philosophy so far? Liz: We are very proud of our heritage in game farming which spans six generations and goes back over 150 years to when Elizabeth’s great-great-grandfather first bought the secluded Buckinghamshire hamlet in the heart of the Chiltern Hills and on which land the family still rear pheasants for some of the grandest estates in the country. [caption id="attachment_1701" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Hot Oak Smoked Salmon Starter[/caption] Will: Growing up on the farm, albeit in different eras, gave us the freedom to explore and seek adventure, building a strong bond with nature and the wildlife around us. We are used to staying on our feet all day in diverse and often challenging weather conditions, and whilst we love working in the most natural environments and the adventure it brings, we couldn't go a day without our pairs of Le Chameau, keeping us comfortable and warm throughout the day. Consequently, we have a natural respect for the countryside and believe in the importance of protection and sustainability of our environment for the appreciation and enjoyment of generations to come. [caption id="attachment_1702" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Pigeon & Watercress Macaron[/caption] Liz: During the season, we like to get out into the community and promote game as much as we can by introducing people to the benefits and great taste of these natural, wild meats. We do this by demonstrating different ways of the cooking game which are tasty and easy and, most importantly, bring out the best flavour, texture and succulence. [caption id="attachment_1703" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Fieldings Quiches[/caption] LC: What are your favourite key ingredients and how are they sourced? Liz: Visiting the farmer's markets in the early days, we were inspired not just by the freshness and taste of the just-picked produce straight from the fields and market gardens but also by the suppliers themselves who care as much about their produce as we do about ours. Will: We got to know what went into the soil or feed for the hens and to understand why the flavour would be so much more intense, more vibrant, more delicious. It is always an important part of our criteria to source fresh natural ingredients from quality suppliers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their product. LC: Name a few of your all-time favourite outdoor meals. Will: Wild game and Dexter beef from our local butchers and estates and the earthy flavours of beetroot, celeriac and fennel which can taste so fresh and crisp in salads and so intense and aromatic when roasted! Liz:  Wild garlic and freshly picked asparagus in season and fresh wild salmon and trout from the Scottish Highlands. [caption id="attachment_1704" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Photo credit: Nick Middleton[/caption] LC: What are the countryside events that you most enjoy doing? Liz: We particularly enjoy doing the Shoot Elevenses and Lunches. This is always a fun element to the Shoot Day and we get to meet some great personalities. Will: We love the Game Fair. It feels like part of our DNA - evolved from a generation of summer stands on Game Farmers Row. There is always such a buzz at the Game Fair - we meet such interesting people and particularly those that are passionate about the countryside and all that it has to offer. In fact, this is where we first met Le Chameau! [caption id="attachment_1705" align="aligncenter" width="100%"] Fieldings personalised hamper[/caption] Liz: It is always a privilege and often a challenge to do a private event in a stunning location especially where there are no facilities and perhaps we are on a hilltop where the views are immense, or on an island in the middle of a lake. It can be breathtaking. To find out more about Fieldings, or for online bookings, visit their website:  www.fieldings.uk.com