Le Chameau celebrates Mother’s Day: Meet the women

After a fun-filled day of country walking, delicious lunches and a pampering session to celebrate Mother’s Day at Bamford Haybard Spa in the Cotswolds, we sat down with our group of mothers and daughters to ask them some questions. We asked the women to reflect on, and share, moments spent with their mothers and other important women in their lives. Our group of women comprised; Lou and her daughter Sasha, Gemma and her mother-in-law Jane, and Aimee and her mother Pam.   Le Chameau: Do you often spend time together? Jane (Gemma’s mother-in-law): Yes, Gemma often brings the children round for tea and a play or swimming in the summer. Gemma (Jane’s daughter-in-law): Jane has been a huge support to me, I’m very lucky to have her close by, just across the farm. Aimee (Pam’s daughter): I moved back to the UK a year and a half ago after living abroad for several years and it’s wonderful to be able to spend more time with mum. We now live 15 minutes away from each other and being able to pop over for a cup of tea and a chat still feels like such a treat! Le Chameau: How do you spend quality time together? Gemma: We both love going out for the day on the shoot at home. It is very much a family affair and my young daughters Winnie and Willow make it out too, now that they are a little older. Aimee: Mum shares my passion for gardening and being outdoors so we're often out exploring new places, visiting garden centres and discovering amazing varieties of plants. With a degree in horticulture under her belt she's a lot better at identifying plants than me! Sasha (Lou’s daughter): We love going treasure and bargain hunting in vintage shops and charity shops or going to gorgeous garden centres with old walled gardens.   Le Chameau: Do you have a special place you love to go together? Lou: We adore trees and lakes and a walk around Stourhead gardens is one of our favourites. Aimee: We love Petersham Nurseries in Richmond with its eclectic selection of furniture, decoration and plants. The coffee and cake are always good too! Pam: We also enjoy going to RHS Wisley. On a sunny day we often enjoy a leisurely walk, a cream tea and buy a handful of plants to take home and plant in our own gardens! Le Chameau: Who are the other important women in your lives? Pam (Aimee’s mother): My three beautiful and intelligent daughters are hugely important in my life, along with my son. Aimee is the eldest and when she was born, it inspired lots of my wonderful girlfriends to start a family too! Jane: My two daughters Rosie and Flo and not to forget, my three lovely granddaughters Winnie, Willow and Immy! Sasha: Important women in my life are my Auntie Debbie who has been like a Granny & Auntie all at the same time! She’s really funny and cuddly. Also, Alex, my godmother, as she’s so stylish and strong! Lou (Sasha’s mother): Sadly, I lost my Mum when I was only 21 so my eldest sister Debbie had to step into the role of matriarch of the family and she has been simply incredible, loving all of us and our children as well as her own and her grandchildren. I am also blessed to have so many wonderful female friends in my life and my two amazing sisters who I adore and they all inspire me!   Le Chameau: Are there any particular Mother’s Days that stand out in your memory as being particularly special? Lou: Last year was special. We live in a little Wiltshire village with a strong sense of community. We have a pub and a church, and you get to meet everyone in one or the other.  Last year Sasha and I made hand tied spring posies and gave them to all the mums in church for the Mother’s Day service and it was lovely seeing the smiles on all their faces. Gemma: I guess it must be the first Mother’s Day of being a mother! I can’t say I remember too much as it is all a bit of a blur, but it’s an amazing feeling and I got a very nice coat -  apparently, my daughter Winnie picked it! Pam: Sharing Mother's Days with my Mother and my children altogether have been most memorable. Seeing the joy on my Mother's face with her grandchildren, laughing, cooking and eating together always made me immensely happy. We all have such happy memories of times spent with her.  Le Chameau: For anyone who’s looking for inspiration for this Mother’s Day, what would you recommend? Sasha: On Mother’s Day we always have a lovely roast meal at home with Daddy in charge as head chef while my brother Roo and I help with peeling chopping and laying the table. Pam: A lovely country walk would always be my recommendation! We enjoy walking on Wimbledon Common together and enjoy sharing a pot of Earl Grey tea at the Windmill Cafe.   Le Chameau: Who was the biggest inspiration for you growing up? Jane: Without a doubt, the biggest inspiration for me when I was growing up was my wonderful maternal Granny, Florence. She was a very special person for me, we used to spend our summers with her in the north west of Scotland. Gemma: All in all, the biggest inspiration for me when growing up was my family, as I had the most wonderful upbringing and I want my girls to have just that. If I can achieve it, I will be very content! I must also say that strong women who bring new concepts and ideas to their farms and estates are a huge inspiration to me too. The Duchess of Rutland and Lady Bamford have done just that! The strength, guts and determination to do what they do is amazing and makes me determined to do something on the farm at home, so my girls will have a future there. Pam: My Mother was a huge inspiration to me growing up. She made being a Mother look so easy and so much fun, that I wanted that too and the result was having four children! She loved to share her knowledge of plants with me and it's lovely to see her passion for gardening carrying on in my family. Aimee: Definitely Mum. She’s kind, incredibly patient and a great listener. Growing up she was always so supportive of anything I wanted to do, from tap dancing to karate to playing the saxophone! She taught me that I could do whatever I wanted to do and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. She’s also the calmest person I know; no matter what life throws at her, she keeps a level head and never raises her voice. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her shout. On behalf of everyone at Le Chameau, we would like to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you create some special memories together and we would love to share your Mother’s Day moments. Tag #LeChameauMothers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be featured @LeChameau1927!