Know your Le Chameau linings: Leather

While Le Chameau is known first and foremost for our premium quality natural rubber, we are also renowned for the quality and durability of our leather. Mr Chamot, a pioneer of his time, recognised the benefit of combining the two natural materials, making Le Chameau the first brand to add a leather lining to a rubber boot. Today, Le Chameau’s leather-lined boots, notably the Saint Hubert and Chasseur, are loved by customers around the world for being wonderfully comfortable and incredibly hardwearing. Much like a pair of high quality leather shoes, after time the leather relaxes and moulds to the wearers feet, creating the perfect bespoke fit. With our heritage French and Italian tanneries, the leather we use is a thick and supple full-grain calf leather designed to provide an all-year-round comfort. Our tanneries are well known for their highest quality leather materials and have been supplying our leather lining for over 30 years. Treated to resist dampness and put through vigorous testing, our premium leather lining remains supple even when placed in contact with water, and can provide you with lasting comfort in the harshest terrains and country environments. Le Chameau's full-grain leather lining has a strong capacity to absorb moisture, ensuring you a long and pleasant wear time while continuously preserving dry feet. Some of our key leather lined styles are our recognisable Chasseur for both men and women, our men's Vierzon and Saint-Hubert Heritage natural rubber boot. Feel the excellence and discover the full range of our leather lined boots here.