Feel excellence in the countryside

Beat those winter blues by getting out in the countryside! Spending more time outdoors is the quickest way to boost your immune system, increase your vitamin D levels and stay active during the cold months, so what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, grab your dog and don't forget to keep warm in your favourite Le Chameau neoprene boots. Celebrating the outdoors since 1927, we truly believe in the benefits of embracing your country passions. Studies show that just five minutes of green exercise results in notable improvements of general well-being and elevated mood, so we're encouraging everyone to feel excellence in the countryside by breathing in the fresh air and leaving those January blues behind! Studies show that people immersed in nature for four days boosted their performance on a creative problem-solving test by 50%, so fight the urge to stay cuddled up at home and look to the ultimate restorative environment, the great outdoors! Another known benefit of outdoor walks is improved concentration levels, which can tremendously help in reducing stress at work. While keeping active in winter months may feel like a bit of a challenge, don't let the cold weather, wind or rain to discourage you from your usual routines. The restorative powers and energy boost of a simple country walk can serve you as an incredible resource throughout the rest of week ahead. We know sometimes it's easier said than done, but all you need to do is get your feet out in the grass and go exploring, go on a hike, or simply take your dog out for a walk and feel the immense energy boost and the difference it makes. You can find out more about the benefits of spending time outdoors here.