Cold weather styles to keep you warm this winter

With plummeting winter temperatures upon us, there's nothing better than a trusted pair of Le Chameau boots to carry you from season to season, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout those cold months. With incredible insulation properties and up to 5mm neoprene lining, our boots are sure to offer you the warmth you need. Discover our most sought after cold weather styles for men and women, to help you enjoy your favourite country pursuits even more.   Chasseur Neoprene Lined Boot Known for its exceptional insulating qualities in temperatures as low as -15°C, our neoprene lined Chasseur boot is one of the most popular styles for winter. The quick-drying neoprene insulation lining cushions the foot and provides additional energy absorption whilst in the field, ensuring a lasting comfort and support for game shooting and country walking enthusiasts.   Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boot Lined with 3mm neoprene, our best-selling Vierzonord is the perfect boot to take you from season to season, all the while providing exceptional insulation against the cold and superior comfort during those long country walks. Originally used to make diving suits, our premium neoprene lining has excellent insulating properties and prevents the wearer’s body heat from dissipating.   Men's Vierzonord Plus Neoprene Boot The Vierzonord Plus boot is another perfect choice for the cold season, specially designed for the icy weather. Featuring a thick 5mm neoprene lining and removable, aluminium inner sole for an improved thermal insulation, the Vierzonord Plus boot is guaranteed to deliver you a continuous comfort in extreme cold weather conditions.