Chameau-Lite Product Review: West Highland Hunting

Following our incredible time spent with the West Highland Hunting Team in Scotland in February and to mark the highly-anticipated launch of the new ultra-light Chameau-Lite boots, we caught up with Niall and the team who have been hill testing the boots for the last six months. “They are lighter than anything else we have tried, without a doubt,” explained Niall Rowantree, a world-renowned sporting manager with West Highland Hunting. He spends most of his time out on the hill, so he knows more than most how important it is to have footwear that’s fit for purpose. The Chameau-Lite Collection The boots’ welcome lightness is just one of the features that impressed Niall and his team, however. Incredible grip is the other. The result of Le Chameau’s pioneering work with fellow French brand Michelin, the tyre expert, it has produced boots with soles that they can always rely on, regardless of underfoot conditions. “Among the things we are looking for in a boot is the ability to descent steep ground and to be able to dig in your heels and get traction,” said Niall. Chameau-Lite High “When you are dragging a deer carcass or traversing a hill you are invariably leaning back and placing weight in your heels to slow yourself down. If the boot doesn’t have a well-constructed heel, it won’t work and you will be off balance. Proper hill boots should have an instep in front of the heel. Both of these are important when out and about on the hill. From that point of view, the Chameau-Lite High 12” boots I have been wearing do the job perfectly.” Niall and his team need their boots to perform so that can carry on their day-to-day work protecting the land safe in the knowledge that their boots are doing the same job for their feet. It is a prerequisite for a job they are all extremely passionate about. Chameau-Lite LCX 10" “There are lots of things about this new range that have impressed me and the team. They are easy to dry; the leather is supple and the eyelets are strong. The heel is very good. The construction of the arch and stopping point on the hill is good too. The way the rubber bonds to the sole works really well.” Michelin Soles on Chameau-Lite Find out more about the time Le Chameau spent with West Highland Hunting here. View the full Chameau-Lite collection for men here and for women here. Watch the Chameau-Lite campaign video here.