Men's Wide Calf Wellies

Our fantastic Le Chameau range of men’s wide calf wellies provide another option for excellent fit, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our boots. Our boots are highly comfortable and robust, with options going up to 52 cm in circumference, giving your legs and feet the support on long walks. Browse our men’s wide leg welly range and discover ultimate comfort on the go.

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Men's Chasseur Neoprene Lined Boot



Multiple Calf Sizes
Men's Chasseur Wool Lined Boot


Multiple Calf Sizes
Men's Vierzonord XL Neoprene Lined Boot

Vierzon & Vierzonord

Made with Natural Rubber
Men's Chasseur Leather Lined Boot


Multiple Calf Sizes
What Calf Size is Wide Fit Designed For?
Our men’s wide calf wellies are designed for people with wide calves, in contrast to our standard calf and narrow calf options. These boots are for people who regularly find their boots a little too tight on the calves, and suffer from skin rub and irritation in that area. Our calf fit options go up to thirteen fits with options up to 52 cm, meaning our boots support your feet while providing your calves and legs as much room as they need.
Men's Wide Calf Wellington Boots Collections
We have an excellent range of wide-calf wellingtons for men. With various collections suited to your many pursuits, we give you a boot for every occasion so you always have the everlasting support and comfort you need for your day outdoors.
Chasseur Wide Calf Boots
Our Chasseur men’s wide fit wellies are robust and comfortable, offering expert comfort for your calves with a range of calf sizes. These men’s 100% waterproof wellies mold to your feet and leg with expert flex and are highly protective so your feet and legs remain comfortable and dry in wet weather. They also come with excellent lining options like warm wool and neoprene as well as supple leather. With anti-fatigue design and dual-density outsole grip and traction, these boots are great for country pursuits all year round.
Vierzon & Vierzonord Wide Calf Boots
Offering expert calf relief, our men’s Vierzon and Vierzonord wide boots are the perfect companion for all your countryside pursuits. These boots are 100% waterproof, with shock-absorbent, dual-density Grip/Cross soles perfect for multi-terrain, keeping your feet protected and steady whatever the conditions. These boots keep you supported with anti-fatigue design, as well as premium lining choices like warm neoprene and soft, moisture-wicking jersey. These boots are perfect for the country track all year round, as well as fields and festivals.
Saint-Hurbert Wide Calf Boots
Coming in up to 10 calf fittings, our men’s Saint-Hubert wide calf boots always give you the option you need for expert comfort. With a timeless style and flexible, robust Chamolux, these wellies are highly premium and practical. They’re 100% waterproof, with anti-fatigue support design for added comfort and dual-density, shock-absorbent Grip/Cross outsoles that can defeat any terrain while keeping you comfortable and steady on your feet.
Le Chameau Wide Calf Wellington Materials
Our wellies are made from Chamolux rubber, which is durable and flexible, as well as 100% waterproof, molding to your feet and leg for comfort and ease. With shank reinforcement design and our premium rubber, dual-density, shock-absorbent outsoles for multi-terrain grip, these boots are great for walks even when uneven, difficult terrain gets wet and muddy. We also have premium lining options inbuilt into our boots, from breathable leather and soft, moisture-wicking jersey to keep your feet dry on summer days to insulating neoprene and wool, perfect for wintery, country walks.
Wide Calf Wellingtons for Men with Le Chameau
For over 90 years, Le Chameau has made boots that always prioritize your needs. With our fantastic, handcrafted Chamolux rubber and the ultimate touch of our Le Chameau Master Bootmaker, we create long-lasting, 100% waterproof boots made for all manner of challenges outdoors. Technical outsoles like our Grip/Cross also provide excellent grip and traction while out and about, with a shank-reinforced anti-fatigue design that always takes the strain off your arches. With comfortable lining options and over thirteen calf fit sizes, boots like our men’s wide calf wellington boots offer comfort tailored for your leg type. Discover the perfect fit with our size guide and shop our fantastic Le Chameau collection.