Perfect for storing your muddy Botte and Bottillon boots while on the go, our Iris Boot Bag comes in a range of stylish colours, from Vert Chameau to Bleu Foncé and Rouge. This boot bag is easy to carry with a sturdy shoulder strap and durable handle, and has a long double zip for ease of access. With fantastic ventilation netting, your boots are protected against dampness in a dry and well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight, which will further facilitate their longevity. There’s also a secure zip pocket on the side, great for boot accessories and general storage while outdoors.

Product code 2930-0099-U


  • An elegant boot bag ideal for Botte and Bottillon’s
  • Features side pocket, shoulder strap and durable handle
  • Long double zip
  • Ventilation netting to ensure protection from dampness
  • Available in 3 colours: Vert Chameau, Rouge, Bleu Foncé

Iris Boot Bag


Color Dark Blue  

Size U  

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