Same Outlook. Different View.

A change of scenery is sometimes all we need to see things from a new perspective. It’s when we take new steps, break new ground, and clear new tracks that the extraordinary happens. Every day reminds us that there is much left to explore. But it’s only when we reach the top of the hill, the edge of the forest, or the shore of the lake, that we see that the landscapes appear both lived in and unlike anything we've seen before. Everywhere around us, stories and heritage intertwine. Those who came before us trod these paths a million times. But the wonder of the outdoors and the joy of mapping the wild remain the same.


The Mouflon 2.0 Extreme 10'' are Le Chameau’s toughest and most technically advanced leather boots. Designed to perform across all terrain, whether you're scrambling up a fjord at dawn to catch the best light, or strolling down Primrose Hill. A breathable Sympatex lining and waterproof engineering ensure they hold up in the harshest conditions. So that you can keep shooting even as the elements rage around you. And spend more time outside, capturing new landscapes.


Since 1927, the master bootmakers of Le Chameau have handcrafted the highest quality rubber boots, one pair at a time. The superior standards we set for our products have made us the go-to brand for professionals of the outdoors for almost a century. And as we evolve with the wild spaces that surround us, we welcome a new generation of outdoor lovers, adventurers, and trailblazers who love and trust us too. Step into our boots and leave a footprint that you can stand behind.