How Festivals Influence Fashion

Words by Le Chameau

May 22, 2023

How Festivals Influence Fashion

How Festivals Influence Fashion

Attracting more than 14 million music fans to the UK every year, the most popular festivals include Glastonbury, V Festival and Reading and Leeds Festival. Festivals have become a cultural phenomenon, and the fashion that emerges from these events is often inspired by the festival's music, culture, and atmosphere. With outfits taking the centre stage when it comes to festivals, people are given the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing choices. From glitter to fishnets to studded jackets and festival boots, here we look at festival fashion through the years.

Festival Fashion Through The Years

The first music festival in the UK was the Isle of Wight festival in 1968 and since then festival fashion has evolved. Below, each decade is outlined, showcasing the different styles and trends through that era.

The 1960’s

The 1960s was a decade of peace, love, and music. Fashion was heavily influenced by the hippie movement, and festival fashion was no exception. People wore tie-dye shirts, bell-bottom jeans, and headbands, and flower power was a popular motif.

The 1970’s

With the rise of the disco era in the ’70s, festival fashion was all about glam including glitter, sequins, and metallic fabrics. Platform shoes were also popular, and the bohemian trend continued with flowy dresses and maxi skirts.

The 1980’s

Bold, bright colours and neon hues were all the craze in the 80s. Festival fashion was heavily influenced by punk, with people sporting studded leather jackets, ripped jeans, and band t-shirts.

The 1990’s

The 1990s was a decade full of grunge and alternative music, where people wore casual and comfortable clothing to festivals as well as flannel shirts, oversized t-shirts, and combat boots.

The 2000’s

The 2000s saw the rise of indie rock. Festival fashion included flowy dresses, fringed bags, and cowboy boots. A staple item to have during this era was denim cutoff shorts, as this was a festival favourite.

The 2020’s

Fast forward to the 2020s, where there is a huge focus on sustainable fashion, with festival-goers choosing to wear eco-friendly and ethical clothing. People are opting to move more towards more comfortable clothing, such as activewear and loungewear. Despite the sustainable aspects, the 90s and 2000s trends continue to be popular, but with a modern twist, incorporating technology and futuristic materials.

How Different Festivals Have Diverse Styles

From Coachella to Creamfields, different music festivals have unique themes that reflect in the music and fashion sense. Coachella and Glastonbury have become known for their bohemian-inspired fashion, characterized by flowy dresses, fringe details, and flower crowns. Whereas Creamfields is known for its house and techno music, where people tend to dress more casually but still express their festival fashion outfits.

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