Introducing the Imperfects​

Minor imperfections, major discounts - up to 65% off. Strictly limited availability.

Individually unique

Known for boots crafted to perfection, Le Chameau is synonymous with quality. Our commitment to the highest standards means that a minor defect, which is a sign of the handcrafted production process, can cause a boot to be rejected by our quality control.

They are more than fit for purpose and meeting our rigorous waterproof testing, these special and unique boots are still up to the task. To make sure it is clear that these are not perfect, each product has a small drill hole punched in the top of the boot to mark it as Imperfect and arrives in a non-branded brown box with no tissue paper.

Imperfects for Men

Imperfects for Women

What makes them unique

We cannot guarantee which imperfect you may get, here are some examples.

  • Tarnishing
  • Stain or blemish on rubber
  • Stain on lining
  • Scratches
  • Rippling effect
  • Logo discoloration
  • Lining coming away from rubber
  • Inconsistency in logo
  • Imperfect finish
  • Height variation
  • Gouge
  • Excess glue on rubber
  • Different sole colour
  • Damage to top line
  • Cut Damage
  • Crack
  • Combination of rubber colours
  • Blister on rubber

  • Blister on rubber


    Stain or Blemish on Rubber

    Stain on Lining


    Rippling Effect

    Logo Discolouration

    Lining Coming away from Rubber

    Inconsistency in Logo

    Imperfect Finish

    Height Variation


    Excess Glue on Rubber

    Different Sole Colour

    Damage to top line

    Cut Damage


    Combination of rubber colours used

    Blister on rubber


    Examples of potential imperfections.

    Caring for your boots

    We would recommend buying a care sponge and other care products for your boots. These products will help to clean any blooming or blemishes from your imperfect boot and will keep them looking and performing in the best possible condition. Read more on our wellington boot care guide.

    Returns & Exchanges

    Our Imperfect products are subject to the same 28-day return policy as our other products. Due to limited stock, we cannot accept exchanges on our Imperfect products. To exchange a product from this collection, we recommend returning your item and placing a new order for your replacement item. Please see our warranty page for details here.