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How To Wash A Dog Bed

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How To Wash A Dog Bed

It’s always important that your little friend is cosy and comfortable during their resting hours. Dog beds are the ultimate gift of love when it comes to our pets, with all sorts of designs and high-grade foams to keep your dog supported as they drift off into the lands of dreams.

However, anyone who has a dog knows how much they love jumping in those muddy puddles, so it’s inevitable that their bed will need a wash eventually. To keep your dog bed in good condition and be as good as new for longer, it’s best to give it a little care and wash it from time to time.

In this guide, we’re going to go through the best ways to wash, clean and dry dog beds and mattresses depending on the material and size.

Machine Washing a fabric dog bed with a removable cover

Firstly, check if the fabric dog bed is machine washable. When it comes to machine washing fabric dog baskets, there are a few things which need to be taken into consideration.

Cleaning the Dog Bed

You should vacuum the dog bed and cover, removing hair, dirt and debris from the fabric. Be thorough, especially in regards to getting up all the dog hair, as dog hair has a tendency of sticking. Treat stains before washing with stain remover and pet-friendly detergent. For more difficult stains, try using an enzyme cleaner.

As every dog is different, it is important to make sure you use what is right for your dog when cleaning and washing their dog beds.

Washing Removable Cover

Most dog beds have removable covers, which makes the cleaning process easier. If your dog bed has a cover, remove the cover from the dog bed and place it in the washing machine. Wash separately with hot water on load setting using non-toxic pet safe liquid detergent, as other detergents can irritate your pet’s skin. Meanwhile, powdered variants can be abrasive to the fabric in the high-speed environment of a washing machine.

Air dry dog bed in a well ventilated room away from damp and sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading in fabric, which can cause your pet bed to lose that soft, deep colour sheen over time.

Washing Fabric Dog Bed

It’s important that you also wash the dog bed. Load the dog bed in the washing machine and wash hot with pet safe laundry detergent to kill bacteria. If your pet bed is too large for your washing machine, you can use the bath or take it to the laundrette for more heavy-duty machines.
The best way to dry the dog bed is to air dry it in a well-ventilated room away from damp and the sunlight.

Washing a Fabric Dog Bed Without Removable Cover

If the dog bed doesn’t have a removable cover, it’s best to handwash it to prevent any drag and damage to the fabric.

Cleaning Dog Bed and Mattress

Like previously mentioned, vacuum your dog bed and mattress for any dog hairs and fur, dirt and other debris. Use stain remover to treat stains before washing, using pet friendly detergent and, for more aggressive stains, enzyme cleaners.

Hand Washing Dog Mattress

When it comes to handwashing your dog mattress, you should: - Fill up a large wash bowl or a bath until you can completely submerge the dog mattress.
- Before submerging the item, add non-toxic pet detergent and let it dissolve in water.
- Add the dog mattress and soak for ten to fifteen minutes.
- Scrub dog mattress with baking soda to remove odours, and use a small brush to get into hard to reach corners. White vinegar and apple cider are also good alternatives.

Some dog mattresses without covers may allow machine washing, although this will also depend on the size of your machine and if it’s a large dog bed or more a small or medium size.

Clean and Washing Dog Bed Baskets

Foam dog brackets are wonderfully comfortable and cosy for your pet, but you often can’t just pop them in the washing machine. Thankfully, when it comes to cleaning dog baskets, the process is quite simple and just requires a bit of hand washing.

Cleaning a foam dog bed basket

Vacuum the foam bed basket for all dog hair and debris thoroughly. Foam dog bed baskets like the ones in our high-quality range have the added feature of removing the inner foam wall, which makes washing and drying easier.

Washing a foam dog bed basket

When hand washing foam dog bed baskets, you should: - Fill a large wash bowl or a bath with hot water.
- Mix in non-toxic, mild pet detergent and let it dissolve in the water before adding the dog bed basket.
- Soak for ten to fifteen minutes.
- Empty soapy water from bowl or bath, and rinse with fresh water, gently squeezing the suds out of the item. Do not wring.
After washing, leave to dry in a well-ventilated room away from damp and sunlight.

Le Chameau Dog Beds and Mattresses

When it comes to cleaning and washing your dog beds, you’re no better served than with our high-quality Le Chameau dog beds range. Not only are these beds and mattresses highly comfortable, durable and soft for your pet with high quality, scratch-resistant material, but they’re also machine washable dog beds that include features like removable foam to facilitate the washing and cleaning process.

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