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In 2019, following feedback from our trusty customers who have put our rubber boots to the test for over 90 years, we launched our statement leather collection. Our leather boots have all the credentials of our rubber styles – durable, flexible, and comfortable, but also feature their own unique qualities that will carry our customers from country to city with elegance and style. Our leather boots are made from premium nubuck leather sourced from high-quality European hides, and we pride ourselves on the fact we design our soles in partnership with MICHELIN, the leading tyre manufacturer, to provide traction and grip second to none.  

Why choose leather?


The leather boot is an ultimate crossover piece. Elegant and stylish to take you over the city cobbles whilst having the substance to enjoy long walks on the most undulating of terrains. Our finest leather, the top grade of the hide, is not only extremely resilient for all-day wear but also provides the utmost comfort, softly moulding to the foot. Our collection boasts qualities suited to town and country, including our new addition piece for Autumn 2021 – the Jameson Suede Chelsea made from a luxurious split-coupe waxed suede. This style works beautifully with country and town outfitting, bringing elegant comfort and warmth. Suede is a beautifully pliant material, moulding to diverse foot shapes and providing natural warmth as the cool weather starts to kick in.

Combining function and performance


Our leather collection complements our rubber collection beautifully.  As many of our customers are traditionally from farming, hunting, fishing backgrounds, they need a boot to withstand the rigours of the countryside. As many of you know, our fine handcrafted Chamolux rubber boots do just that, but we appreciate there are occasions our customers need a boot that combines function and performance with timeless elegance to carry them effortlessly from land to town. Our leather boots come in to offer that classic secondary staple to your porch. 

Producing our Boots

We take great pride in the development process of our leather collection. Our five-layer LCX® lining technology used in our tall Jameson boot range works to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable in all conditions. Many of our styles are designed in partnership with MICHELIN, a leading tyre manufacturer, with design inspiration taken from the tyre of MICHELIN’s dirt bike wheels for surefooted grip on any surface.  The more that you wear our leather boots, the better they look. As the boots age, the leathers patinate and develop elegant folds as they live. Marks and scratches are characteristics of these premium leathers! 



Blog Post


Although Le Chameau’s footwear originally became renowned due to our signature rubber wellies, the leather boots we now offer have quickly become a popular choice due to their reflection of the high-quality materials and innovative technologies that are evident in all our shoes.

If you’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing our leather boots, the last thing you’ll want is for them to get muddy or become ruined. Ideally, you’ll want the boots to last for years to come. To achieve this, you’ll need to make sure they’re looked after and treated with...