The Imperfect Women's Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot

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The Imperfect Women's Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot

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    Colour: Vert Vierzon

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  • UK2.5
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Product Details

The Vierzon boot is an iconic field and country tall rubber boot. The Imperfect Women’s Vierzon Jersey Lined boot is now available with a discount due to minor imperfections meaning they do not pass our stict testing process. They are fully fit for purpose and have been tested to be fully waterproof. The boots are handcrafted from our natural Chamolux rubber with a polycotton jersey lining for all year-round use, including in warmer seasons. The shock-absorbing dual-density Grip outsole prevents fatigue, resists abrasion and is suitable for all terrains.

Please note this product has a small drill hole punched in the top of the boot to mark it as Imperfect and arrives in a non-branded brown box with no tissue paper.



Signature adjustable waterproof gusset with a tightening strap and snap-fastening buckle for secure fit around the calf. Hand-crafted from natural rubber using a womens aluminium last for a comfortable fit and elegant shape. Fast-drying jersey lining keeps feet cool and comfortable in temperatures down to 0°C. Using a combination of natural rubber and jersey the comfortable wellington boot flexes easily, mirroring any foot movement to reduce fatigue.



Hand-crafted since 1965, Vierzon is an iconic Le Chameau product famous in the field and country as the first rubber wellington boot with an adjustable, waterproof gusset. The adjustable clip on our Vierzon boot has been specially designed to pop off in order to protect the boot from being damaged should it get caught in any undergrowth.This design feature allows the clip to easily snap back into place. If you ever need a replacement clip, just get in touch.



Dual-density Cross sole absorbs shock and features a shank reinforcement board for better stability and fatigue reducing arch support. The abrasion-resistant outsole offers sure-footed traction on uneven, slippery, muddy and soft terrain.


Size & Fit

For size and fit information, please refer to our size guide.


Vierzon Women's Size Guide

Foot Size (EU) 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51
Foot Size (UK) 2.5 3 4 5 6 6.5 7 8                  
Foot Size (US) 5 5.5 6 7 7.5 8 9 10                  
Total Height (cm) 38 38 40 40 40 40 40 40                  
Available Calf Girths (cm) 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38                  
  • If you intend to wear thick socks, please wear them whilst measuring.​
  • For more information on size and fit, and for help on how to measure your calf, see our size and fit page.