The summer months are fabulous for the masses of flowers we can grow in our gardens. Here are my top recommendations for summer flowering plants that you can grow in pots, hanging baskets and in floral filled borders. This is my list of the best plants to plant in the UK.


1) Pansies: Queen of the summer bedding plants; Pansies are amazing grown in pots for a flash of colour in all shades. From pastels to brights, pansies come in all colours so you can match them with other plants to suit your colour scheme. I love pink and purple pansies planted together. Pansies can also be added to the edge of hanging baskets and pots. They are best deadheaded throughout the seasons to encourage more flowers. You can grow Pansies from seed, or buy them as plug plants from your local garden centre.

2) Cosmos are plants that flower all summer-long. There are so many gorgeous varieties from Cosmos ‘Purity’ which is a pure bright white flower, through to Cosmos ‘Double Click Rose Bon Bon’ which has ruffled pink petals. Cosmos can be grown from seed or bought as summer bedding plants, they have the most flowers per square metre so are brilliant for pollinators too. Grow in pots or in borders en masse.



3) Sunflowers: These are true summer garden plants that bring joy to everyone who grows them. Sunflower ‘Kong’ can grow over 2m tall and are great for sowing with children. Ensure you stake them to prevent the Sunflowers snapping in the wind. If you’re tight on space then there are also some smaller branching varieties such as ‘Little Dorrit’ which are great for pots. Top tip: Leave the dried seed heads hanging upside down in autumn for the birds to feed on during the winter months in your garden.

4) Snapdragons are a firm favourite in my garden. They have gorgeous tall spires of flowers which look amazing in the middle of pots surronded by Pansies and Lobelia. They give great height in borders too- I love Snapdragon ‘Appleblossom’ which has gorgeous pastel pink and white flowers.


5) Asters are fantastic options for late summer colour, they often flower all the way through to autumn. They are also brilliant option for cut flowers as they have a long vase-life. Asters have a medium height so are good options to fill borders from July onwards each summer.


6) Lobelia is a great option for hanging baskets and pots. You can sprinkle seeds directly into your hanging baskets or buy plug plants ready to go from the garden centre. Most bedding plants will start to appear in the garden centres in late April, but it’s important to not plant your summer bedding plants until the risk of the last frost has passed- this is usually mid to late May, but it is best to check your local area carefully.

7) Candytuft is a great option for low effort, high reward. Simply sprinkle Candytuft seeds into well prepared ground or pots and it will flower 4-6 weeks later. A mass of pink, white or lilac flowers, it is a really pretty option for the edges of borders or large pots.

8) Nicotiana is a great option for shady areas. Nicotiana, is brilliant growing in borders of shady fences or walls. You can get Nicotiana in lime green, white and pale pink. A great option grown alongside Hostas, Astilbe and Bleeding Hearts in shady borders.


9) Foxgloves are a great option for large pots or borders. They are incredible for pollinators and can be grown from seed or bought as larger summer bedding plants. Foxgloves are biennials which means they are sown in the summer for flowers the following year. The great benefit of Foxgloves is that they’re amazing for bees!

10)  Sweet Peas- I’ve saved the best until last. Sweet Peas are my ultimate favourite flower to grow in the summer. Easy to grow from seed, or buy small seedlings from the garden centre in April. Grow Sweet Peas up trellis, canes or tee pees for a mass of flowers with a glorious scent all summer long. Sweet Peas are ‘cut and come again’- the more you cut them, the more this encourages them to flower. You can have masses of cut flowers for your house throughout the early summer months


Lizzie Fox loves all things gardening! Lizzie runs her own business selling flower seeds, bulbs and gardening accessories, as well as offering garden design services for new beginner gardeners or those who have moved into new properties. From daffodils to dahlias, Lizzie shares how to guides, tips, tricks and gardening advice at


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