On the fees of our fishermen: Oyster Farmer

Anthony has been farming oysters in France’s Arcachon Basin since he was sixteen years old, eventually taking over the family business from his father. Anthony manages his small enterprise with immense passion and expertise, selling his oysters primarily in local markets, but also to individuals and restaurants.

Where do your oysters come from?

Our oysters are 100% natural, we do not use any ‘triploid’, or laboratory produced oysters. I grow my oysters across several ‘parks’ in this area, all located between the Banc d'Arguin, the Grand Banc, and Courbey. I work all year round to produce the best quality oysters possible.

Can you talk us through the different stages in growing an oyster?

Once oyster larvae settle onto a surface, they are known as ‘spat’. I collect the spat and I then raise the oysters over 3 years in the different parks mentioned above. When they are fully grown, I pick them up in my boat and bring them to my hut, where we separate bundles of oysters using special tools called "desatrock knives." Once separated, they go on a conveyor belt into a special machine which sorts them by size and weight.

They are sorted into 5 grades. Grade number 1 is the biggest and heaviest (weighing from 110g to 250g). The best-selling grade is number 3.

What do you like most about this job?

I love working in a natural environment, being a producer, being close to the ocean, working outdoors. This profession provides a real feeling of freedom. It is exciting.

Why is good equipment (including boots) so important in your profession?

We need reliable, fit for purpose and durable equipment to make sure we work in total safety. This is one of the reasons I love Le Chameau products. Le Chameau boots and the Thigh-High Renforcé Waders are flexible, resistant and light, all of which are very important in this job.

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Anthony Dubourg
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