Need to get your garden ready for summer, but have no idea where to start? Need some summer garden ideas to give your garden a new lease of life? Want to enjoy your outside space in a new way? Whether you plan to kick back and relax in your garden this summer, or spend it entertaining your loved ones, here are some tips to get your garden ready for summer.


1. Brighten up your patio with summer bedding plants

Bedding plants are a great way to bring colour and interest into your garden. Add colours that you love either in to your borders or pots. My favourites are petunias, lobelia and antirrhinum (AKA snapdragons). Bedding plants are also great if you have a window box or a small space, because you can change the planting scheme year after year, giving you the chance to experiment and really enjoy gardening!

2. Liven up your borders

Whether you like a landscaped, formal look, or prefer a more cottage garden vibe, summer is a great time to add even more flavour to your borders. Make a statement. Add lavender or salvia for a vibrant slice of purple, try verbena for a stunning impact. Try adding an accent colour throughout your borders, or perhaps a variety of textures. You could also think about the impact repetition can have in your garden, by repeating a planting scheme, you can really bring that special something into your garden this summer. 

3. Jazz up your shed

Who said sheds have to be boring? By painting them a lovely shade of your favourite colour, you can bring a totally new vibe to your garden.

4. Give your patio a new look

Bored of your patio slabs? Don’t feel like you have to just put up with them. Consider getting your hands on a lovely outdoor rug or add vinyl tiles to your patio slabs to bring a new look to your garden this summer.

5. Treat yourself to new garden furniture

Furniture can make or break a garden. And in the summer, it’s all about having the right furniture to enjoy your space. Whether you’re looking for sun beds to relax in or table and chairs to enjoy your meals outside, invest in some garden furniture that you love… you won’t regret it!

Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

6. Accessorise

Gardens and outdoor spaces needn’t be boring. Accessorise your garden with snazzy table wear, beautiful cushions, eye-catching statues or pretty lights. Think about adding a pizza oven to your patio and consider how you’ll play your favourite music out there. This all adds to a sense of place, which is an important part of getting enjoyment out of your garden.

7. Did someone say water feature?

The relaxing sound of water is something I think every garden should have. Try making one yourself or invest in a stunning feature. Alternatively, get your hands on a bird bath and invite birds into your garden to enjoy it alongside you.

8. Feed your plants regularly

Your plants need lots of nutrition (just like we do) and a great way to give your plants what they need is by feeding them regularly. I like to use a tomato feed in my borders, pots and hanging baskets every two weeks. While I keep them well-watered in between, using a tomato feed encourages more flowers (and fruits too, if you’re growing your own veg!).

9. Deadhead your flowers daily

Deadheading is when you remove flowers from plants when they’re fading. It’s important because it keeps your plants looking tidy but also encourages even more flowers to bloom - whether in pots and containers, hanging baskets or in your borders. I find deadheading really therapeutic and it’s a great way to unwind after a busy day - working your way around the garden and removing faded flowers really does make you feel zen!

10. Make sure your plants are well supported

When you’re getting your garden ready for the beautiful summer time, an important part of that is making sure that your plants are well supported. By this I mean if you’re growing a climber (such as a climbing rose or sweet peas, for example) tie them in to give them stability and security. This also helps keep them from the damage of heavy rain, which we tend to see sometimes in the summer months. Also, make sure that your plants don’t droop - flowers such as hydrangeas often benefit from secret supports underneath. This can really give your plants that extra boost they need to get through the summer! It’s best to add the support before it looks like the plants need it.


Hopefully, these simple but effective tips will help you get your garden ready for warm weather.

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