Everyone’s a little different, from head to toe. When it comes to boot sizing and choosing the right footwear for putting your best foot forward in the countryside, it’s always important that you get the size that suits you. Getting the wrong size can lead to discomfort, skin rub and blisters.

Le Chameau always has you covered with expert tips. With our Le Chameau Size Guide, we will explain how you can get expert sizing with our premium range of wellingtons and boots so you always have quality foot support and comfort.

How Should Wellington Boots Fit?

With finding the perfect fit, you need to take into account your foot, ankle and calf size. When it comes to how wellies should fit, the wellington boot needs to be tight enough to prevent slippage and discomforting rub on skin while also having enough space to accommodate socks and prevent pinch. Boots being too tight also prevents air from circulating, making your feet cold.