Size & Fit Guide

Everyone’s a little different, from head to toe. When it comes to boot sizing and choosing the right footwear for putting your best foot forward in the countryside, it’s always important that you get the size that suits you. Getting the wrong size can lead to discomfort, skin rub and blisters.

Le Chameau always has you covered with expert tips. With our Le Chameau Size Guide, we will explain how you can get expert sizing with our premium range of wellingtons and boots so you always have quality foot support and comfort.

How Should Wellington Boots Fit?

With finding the perfect fit, you need to take into account your foot, ankle and calf size. When it comes to how wellies should fit, the wellington boot needs to be tight enough to prevent slippage and discomforting rub on skin while also having enough space to accommodate socks and prevent pinch. Boots being too tight also prevents air from circulating, making your feet cold.

What Size Wellingtons Should You Buy?

Generally, it should be perfectly fine to wear your usual size when it comes to our wellingtons, which are tailor made for foot support and comfort. However there are some additional factors to consider, such as whether you are likely to wear thick socks or not with the boot. If you plan to wear thick socks, it may create a need to go up half or a full size to accommodate.

We have a variety of styles we offer at Le Chameau, from our men’s and women’s tall wellingtons, mid-height and ankle boots. Boots like our Chasseur are available in a range of calf sizes and Vierzon and Vierzonord offer an adjustable gusset and strap for increased tailoring around the calves.
Women's Le Chameau Sizes

Boots like our Chasseur provide fantastic sizing options for your feet, ensuring there’s always a comfortable fit for you. Here is a foot and calf size chart for our women’s sizes below but keep in mind this might differ for other styles of boot. We also have wellingtons specifically designed for narrow and wide calves, with calf sizes ranging from a minimum of 34cm to a maximum of 42cm, depending on the boot size. Check out our women’s slim fit wellingtons and women’s wide calf boots for that extra tailored fit, as well as our whole range of comfortable boots like our Chelsea boots and shoes.

Men's Le Chameau Sizes

High-quality boots like our men’s Chasseur come with a variety of sizing and fit options, always ensuring a comfortable fit that suits your feet. The chart below is a general guide, however each Le Chameau boot and shoe has its own sizing guide chart for more specialised fits.We also have boots designed to accommodate narrow and wide calves, with sizes ranging from 39cm to 52cm, depending on the boot size. Check out our men’s slim fit wellingtons and men’s wide calf boots for that extra tailored fit, as well as a whole range of comfortable, premium boots like our Chelsea boots and shoes.

Children's Le Chameau Sizes

Coming in an excellent range of sizes and fit, children’s options like our children’s Vierzonord ensure comfort and balance for your child’s feet. This chart below is a general guide, however each Le Chameau footwear option has its own shoe and boot sizing guide for more specific detail.

How to Measure Calves

(for Chasseur and Saint Hubert styles specifically)

When measuring your calf, it’s best to:
  • Sit down and hold the leg at a 90 degree angle.
  • Use measuring tape and wrap it around the mid-calf at its widest point to measure circumference.
  • Hold tape taunt and align the end of the tape where it meets the rest of the tape. Take note of the number, either in centimetres or inches.

  • After measuring your calf, consult our Le Chameau guide for a more tailored size and fit.

Do Wellington Boots Stretch?

Our wellington boots are made out of handcrafted, Chamolux rubber, creating a durable, flexible and breathable home for your feet. This means that our boots are naturally non-restrictive and resistant to pinching. Over time, linings like our neoprene, wool and leather will mould and marginally stretch in shape with your foot, while our jersey remains true to size.

It’s important that you don’t try to deliberately stretch out your boots further than their recommended size as this can cause damage.

Do Wellington Boots Need Breaking In?

Our Le Chameau premium wellington boots don’t need breaking due to their luxuriously supple and flexible, handcrafted Chamolux rubber. Our boots and lining will mould to your feet further over time, however they’re comfortable on feet from the get-go.

Tips for Choosing Wellington Boots in the Correct Size

Even if you measure your feet and calves, it can be difficult to get the exact right size for you. In order to get ultimate comfort every time, we recommend that you:
  • Measure with socks and trousers you’ll likely wear with the boots.
  • Ensure you have half an inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This makes it easier to walk as your foot shifts forward.
  • Always go up half or a full size if needed.

Thankfully, unlike other boots, our Le Chameau lining doesn’t affect the foot and calf size.

What to do if you Choose the Wrong Size Wellington

We completely understand that when ordering online you might select the wrong shoe size, but thankfully it isn’t an issue with our easy returns policy. If you order the wrong size, simply return the item using our Online Returns Portal and then re-order the item in the correct size via the main site.