Behind the scenes: Our photoshoot with Pierre-Edouard Robine

Words by Le Chameau

March 07, 2023

Behind the scenes: Our photoshoot with Pierre-Edouard Robine

Pierre-Edouard Robine, a young French farmer, gave us the pleasure of meeting him one day in February at his home in a small village in Normandy, in order to put our new Country Cross boots and clogs to work.

An atypical profile

We had contacted Pierre-Edouard for his rather atypical profile which intrigued us a lot. After studying ornithology, Pierre-Edouard found himself propelled into a completely different world, politics, becoming director of cabinet at the Paris City Hall.

An experience that taught him a lot came to an end in 2016 as Pierre-Edouard felt the immense need to return to his first love: agriculture, the great outdoors, Normandy.

Back to the roots

Returning to his father, an organic farmer in Normandy, Pierre -Edouard began to make natural pear cider, as well as picking wildflowers. The latter was an immediate success, particularly with Parisian gourmet restaurants. He also rears about 20 cattle, which Justine, our photographer, fell in love with that day!

Picking edible flowers

We had the opportunity to follow Pierre-Edouard for a day, to accompany him in his little secret garden, in the middle of nature, near a small stream where he finds his wild plants. That day, he picks mainly wild garlic. He fascinates us with his knowledge, his passion, showing us flowers or plants that we all passed by, not suspecting for a second that they could be edible.

Pierre-Edouard has also chosen to start growing edible flowers and plants so we were able to put on our clogs and go to his garden to start the seedlings.

He also shared his natural pear cider making with us. We assisted in the disgorging of some bottles, and we found it very practical to be in our rubber for this part!

A beautiful day, full of sharing and simplicity. Pierre-Edouard kept the boots and clogs. It was a successful test for these new products, which can now be found on our website or at our partner retailers.

If you want to know more, discover the report made by Bobine the same day here. Photos: Justine Hern / Studio Payol / Bobine magazine

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