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Created in 1950, the Saint-Hubert leather lined wellington boot combines Le Chameau savoir-faire with premium leather and our secret recipe natural rubber. This imperfect boot is fit for purpose and has met our rigorous waterproof test. The boot will contain a minor fault such as scratches, blemishes, slight damage or inconsistencies meaning we are unable to sell this boot at full price. As with all Le Chameau rubber boots the Saint-Hubert is handcrafted by a single master bootmaker using the same techniques passed on from generation to generation. It is instantly recognisable with it’s slim fit and elegant shape, the Saint-Hubert is our best selling wellington boot in France.

Please note this product has a small drill hole punched in the top of the boot to mark it as Imperfect and arrives in a non-branded brown box with no tissue paper.

Produktcode DA1170-0247


  • Our minor imperfections collection carry major discounts of up to 65%
  • Each boot is unique but still fully functional and waterproof.
  • Handcrafted from start to finish by a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker
  • Featuring our supple and flexible Chamolux rubber, exclusive to Le Chameau
  • 100% waterproof – every pair is carefully tested
  • Choice of 10 calf fittings for men and 5 calf fittings for women
  • Leather lined boot for all year-round comfort
  • Available in eight calf fittings
  • Reinforced with aramid fibres for extra protection
  • Shank reinforcement for better arch support
  • Slim fitting, elegant shape
  • Dual-density Grip/Cross Sole for all terrain grip


The Imperfect Women's Saint-Hubert Boot Noir


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