Environmental farming with Jake Fiennes

Words by Le Chameau

August 06, 2020


Brand Director of Le Chameau, Marcus Janssen, recently spent the day with general manager of Holkham Estate and Director of Holkham National Nature Reserve, Jake Fiennes, to discuss environmental farming and the steps being made at Holkham in order to set a precedent on managing land. Jake discusses his views on combining commercial agriculture with biodiversity and sustainable wildlife habitat through field realignment. He talks about how a small percentage of farmland given over to wild meadow can be better suited as a haven for wildlife to flourish and thrive in, without damaging output. Hay meadows, areas for birds to breed, foraging areas for insects and butterflies and a place for migrating birds throughout winter are just a few examples that Jake highlights. To learn more, please see our fascinating and insightful interview with Jake below.

If you would like to read more about Jake's passion, please see his article in the New York Times, Can farming make space for nature?