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Over the past decade, The Prince’s Countryside Fund has invested more than £10 million to over 400 projects working across the UK which improve service provision in rural areas, support farming businesses and rural enterprises, and provide training opportunities for young people. We’ve supported nearly 1000 farming families to take charge of their business through The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, and working with our Farm Support Group Initiative, helped countless others to access local support when it’s needed most.


The three pillars of work:


  1. Enabling Family Farms to Thrive 

British farming is facing relentless uncertainty, but The Prince’s Countryside Fund offers family farms access to immediate, local and practical support and a path to a sustainable future. 


  1. Building Confident Rural Communities

Too often, rural communities are without access to transport, jobs, housing, shops and community spaces. The Prince’s Countryside Fund powers community-led solutions through our grants and resources to ensure that they flourish – now and in the future. 


  1. Inspiring Support

The vital work of family farms and rural communities often goes unseen. The Prince’s Countryside Fund will ensure their voices are heard and they receive the local support they need to look after our countryside and to thrive. 


The countryside – what it does, what it produces and what it offers – has an impact on us all. The Prince’s Countryside Fund wishes to see a thriving countryside – a living, breathing, working place which is there for everyone. Working together, we can help those who look after the British countryside to safeguard its future. Help us to create a real future for rural Britain.


A Case Study

The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s vision is of family farms and rural communities that fulfil their role in creating a sustainable future for the countryside and our whole nation.

Third Pillar Case Study: Enabling Family Farms to Thrive

British farming is facing relentless uncertainty, but The Prince’s Countryside Fund offers family farms access to immediate, local and practical support and a path to a sustainable future.The Farm Resilience Programme offers participants free business skills and environmental management training worth £2,300 per farm, delivered by expert consultants. The training helps farming families to make changes to improve their business and ensure their viability.


The  Broomfields  

Andy is the third-generation farmer on a 60-hectare dairy and livestock farm in East Devon. Whilst Andy and his wife take responsibility for the day-to-day running of their farm, their two small children mean that Andy still relies on occasion on his parents, who like to be involved.   

Andy had been looking for something like The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme for several years, and so was very keen to sign up when he saw an advert in NFU Magazine.

“I’d been trying to get involved in discussion groups or local networks for about two or three years, but none I’d found were suitable.

I was really keen to start benchmarking and progress our business, but there was nothing local or relevant.  

The biggest benefit so far has been the technical side – the access to the knowledge of the consultants that deliver the talks. It would cost a fortune to have them come on to your own farm, and often they answer questions that you didn’t even realise you should be asking.   

The age range at the meetings is also great, as there’s such a breadth of experience. It really reflects the wide age range that family farming has.”   Andy believes that the programme is already helping him to plan for the future and make cost-saving changes: “The discussion keeps throwing up pointers, and makes you ask the question – why do we have these costs, why are they so high? It’s encouraged me to sell an old tractor that was costing us a lot in repairs, and instead I’ve bought an easier to run machine, that’s much safer – it’s better for the whole family.   

“The programme encourages you to look at your business like a blank piece of paper – you really do make changes that help you to become more resilient.”   




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