Why Choose the Chameau-Lite

Our Chameau-Lites come in a range of heights and styles to cater for a range of activities and preferences. Each boot features high-quality materials and innovative technology that protect and support the foot during even the most challenging weather and terrain.

The Origin of the Boot

Originally developed for the male field enthusiast, this sporting boot was typically worn with shooting socks and breeks whilst deer stalking.

While the Chameau-Lite is still aimed at this audience, it is also the perfect shoe for those needing an expert outdoor walking boot. Today, it greatly appeals to females and those living a country lifestyle due to its supreme protection and comfort, ideal for daily wear. 

Why Choose Chameau-Lites

Chameau-Lite Features

Our Chameau-Lites have been designed to be the lightest and most comfortable hunting boots on the market. Weighing just 1250 gram/pair, these quality walking boots provide the ideal footwear for long, challenging hikes.

Designed in partnership with tyre experts Michelin, the boot’s Deep Forest sole is based on motocross tyre technology resulting in an exceptionally light, hardwearing, and comfortable outsole that offers flexibility and grip in the most demanding terrain.

The exterior of the boot is made from full grain Terracare leather. This environmentally friendly material has been developed using lower water and chemical consumption during its tanning process.

The Chameau-Lite has many noteworthy features, however, the pièce de resistance has to be the LCX technology: this 5-layer construction makes up the inner lining of the boot. The LCX lining prevents water from permeating the boot while simultaneously allowing water vapor to escape meaning your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Why Choose Chameau-Lites

Perfect For…

For longer, more challenging walks, the Chameau-Lites offer stability, support, protection, and comfort. The expert ‘Deep Forest’ Michelin sole results in a hiking boot that can tackle even the most treacherous terrain. Also, the breathable yet waterproof LCX technology means these shoes are perfect for wear all year round.

An alternative to traditional rubber wellington boots, these flexible and supple leather boots offer a welcome change for field enthusiasts. The laces go all the way to the top of the boot, providing stability and protection for long days in the outdoors.

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