Caring for your rubber boots

Since 1927, we have prided ourselves on creating high quality, innovative and the best fitting wellington boots that last for years to come. And with the right care, our wellies have been known to last decades.

Le Chameau boots are made from our signature Chamolux rubber which is naturally hard-wearing and durable, there are many things that can be done to prolong the life of a wellington boot and to keep your boots looking smart and tidy all year round. 

Your Le Chameau wellies deserve to be looked after properly to ensure the continuous comfort, support and resilience of your boots year after year. Follow our easy-care instructions to keep them in great condition.

How to clean wellington boots

First, take any excess mud off the boot with a brush making sure to remove any stones or dirt from the zip (if your boots have a zip). Then wipe the boot all over with your care sponge, taking care to polish out any stains that have built up over time. Be sure to get beneath the buckles.

Then, using your rubber spray, give the boot a good spray all over to lubricate it. Hold the can from around 30cm away and don't be afraid to use a generous amount.

Using a cloth, buff the spray into the rubber to bring back the lovely Le Chameau glow and shine to the boot.

However, try not to leave your shoes muddy after wearing them. For those days when your boots get caked in mud, hose them down with water and use a brush to remove any mud or stones that become trapped in the zip or soles.

Georgie gives us a demonstration:


How to store wellington boots

To prevent cracking and the weakening of your rubber wellies, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry area such as a porch or garage. If you are lacking the space, you can store them away in one of our welly bags somewhere safe like your car or garden shed.

To keep your wellington the right shape and to avoid them from folding over between wears, fill them with something bulky such as old tea towels or scrunched up newspaper.

If your boot of choice is a Chasseur, avoid storing them with the zip open or caked in mud. And as for all of our boots, store them the right way up rather than upside down.

How to dry out wellies

The short answer is to just let them dry naturally.

Avoid direct sunlight as this can cause the boot’s colour to fade over time. Also, resist the temptation of using a radiator, hair dryer or aga to remove any water quickly, as this will weaken the rubber and cause cracks.

Consider stuffing your boots with newspaper to soak up any excess liquid and avoid saturation.

Couple sitting in woods in their rubber wellies

How to remove wellington boots without causing damage

To prevent damage to the heel of your boots, be sure to remove each shoe with our aluminium boot jack. Avoid using your other foot or a step as these will gradually weaken the rubber over time, causing cracks and splits in the material.

Using a boot remover will prevent excessive stress wear to the boot heel and will also place less stress on your back.

How to up-cycle your wellies

When your Le Chameau boots eventually reach the end of their wearable days, there’s still plenty of uses for them.

For example, why not turn your old boots into plant pots? It’s a quick, simple and fun way for you to breathe a new lease of life into your old boots. That way, you gain room to treat yourself to a new pair, and your garden gains an interesting statement piece!

Six children playing in a park in their rubber wellies

Common mistakes to avoid

When looking after your rubber boots, ensure you avoid these common mistakes to prevent causing premature damage.

  • Never dry your rubber boots in direct contact with a heat source such as a radiator or a fireplace.
  • Do not use aggressive products, such as detergents to clean your boots.
  • Never store your boots in a damp condition or folded.
  • Avoid leaving the zip undone (if you have one) when wearing the boots, as it will increase the chances of dirt getting into the zip.

Two-year warranty

All our boots are provided with a two-year warranty from the original date of purchase. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your proof of purchase, which will be needed to validate a claim within the two-year period. Find out more.

Discover our care range

To truly nurture and take excellent care of your Le Chameau boots, discover our professionally developed care range, offering everything you need for your Le Chameau products.

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