I'm making my mini herb garden using fresh cut herbs bought from a supermarket - rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme.  These often have a short shelf life in the fridge, but will last for months and more in pots!  

Using french cut herbs
Step 1

Fill a pot - it doesn't have to be a lovely terracotta pot, it could be a yoghurt pot or even a tin can, as long as it has drainage holes in the bottom - with cutting or seed compost. You can get this from a garden centre or nursery, many of them are offering click and collect or home delivery.  

Fill a pot that has drainage holes in the bottom.
Step 2

Remove the bottom leaves to leave a nice clean stem at the base of each cutting.

Remove the bottom leaves.
Step 3

With a sharp knife make a clean cut in the stem.

Make a clean cut in the stem.
Step 4

Gently push your cuttings into the compost around the edge of the pot.  You should be able to get three or four into a pot.

Push the cuttings into the compost.
Step 5

Firm down the compost around each cutting with your fingers, and then water well using a watering can with a rose, or a water mister.  Don't let the compost dry out.

Firm down the compost and water well.
Step 6

Arrange your cuttings together on the windowsill.  If you have something to keep them in, such as a champagne box, even an old shoe box, so much the better.  The cutting should root in 2 to 3 weeks and you should be able to pick from the plants soon after that.

Arrange your cutttings together on the windowsill.
Step 7
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